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Technics SL-BD20 Reviews

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Technics SL-BD20

8/10 by RobbieKnobbie

Nice little turntable.

I purchased one a few months ago in decent working condition with a good dust cover.

After lubricating the mechanism and pivots inside and replacing the cartridge (it's a common P mount) the sound is clear and full.

It's a basic turntable, to be sure. There is no counterbalance nor anti skate adjustment, the platter speed is fixed at the standard 33 and 45. That said, the factory settings seem accurate and appropriate.

The damper on my lowering arm was stiff, but freed up with a little light machine oil.

It would also benefit from a little more mass to dampen vibrations, but it's workable as-is.

One nit I had with it was the proprietary connection for the grounding wire. At $18, a replacement wire will run more than you'll likely pay for the turntable to begin with. This is easily remedied though: while you have it open oiling the moving parts, solder a lead into the existing ground socket and attach a small machine screw with jam nuts next to the original ground. This allows you to use any small wire with a spade crimped on to do the trick.

Is it an 'audiophile' piece? Absolutely not. But, if you can get passed the lack of snob appeal, and don't mind half an hour's worth of maintenance, it's a good turntable with unexpectedly good sound.

8/10 by Tinkerbel

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