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Technics SL-B21 Reviews

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Technics SL-B21

Technics SL-B21

8/10 by Hofnar

Bought this one second hand. The belt was perished but after cleaning and with a new belt it works allright. I paid less for the turntable than for the new belt...

I guess this was an entry level turntable in the early eighties and I´d say it holds it´s own against current entry level offerings. The tonearm is for P-mount cartridges and on my a Technics P24 with a conical stylus is mounted. I assume that was the standard configuaration. One can of course upgrade the cartridge (or the stylus) but there´s really noting wrong with it. I´ve listened to a lot of records from different genres and can not fault the way this cartridge/stylus reproduces what´s recorded on the LP:s. The VTF is adjustable from 1 to 1,5 grams and the anti skating is adjustable accordingly. It looks and feels like a quite decent tonearm.

The design is sleek, discreet and elegant. It´s what I call semi automatic (the tonearm returns to it´s rest position and the motor switches off when a record is played through).

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