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Technics SL-B202 Reviews

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Technics SL-B202

Technics SL-B202

10/10 by steveharvey

I have owned and SL-B20 Technics for 40 years. Since I bought it new in 1980. It's the P Mount version belt drive. The ticking is a plastic cage around the Armature in the motor. I had to replace mine because it got bad. I tried gluing it together and work for a few years. Was not easy finding a replacement motor. But I did. No more ticking.
I have been very happy with this turntable all these years. I use your Shure m110E cartridge with an sas stylus.

10/10 by Popescu Tudor

Very nice starter table. A nice belt drive, from Technics. Although I thought technics was better on the Direct Drive ( they invented it) , Belt Drive TT from Technics are not a step down ! Although I own a SL3310, SL-B202 is not bad ! Needed a clean up, relubricated it as the arm was a little sticky , lubed the spindle, sprayed with contact cleaner the speed selector switch and the pot, the motor is ticking a bit , but makes no harm to the sound, it is a common problem to all these technics belt drive TT's, but they are reliable.Speed is steady after cleaning the speed selector and the pot, the auto return and cue are working flawlessly , although the motor is small, it easily drives the platter with a disc. Run it with AT91, AT95, AT VM 8 . Sound is nice, smooth , dynamic and strong. The belt on it was destroyed ( it became a mush), had the headshell missing , but bought a Technics headshell , a wooden headshell and an old DENON headshell to put the cartidges. It sounds like a high end TT. . However, although it looks like a SL1200 this is not a DJ TT , but a good cheap performer. I think sooner or later to replace the audio cables...but i am afraid I am not going to find good replacement around here...

9/10 by clau_bk

10/10 by hootie01

I bought this recently as I wanted to try a belt driven Technics. It required a new belt and stylus and came with an original Technics cartridge. The platter runs at a steady and accurate speed whilst the sound produced is excellent. This is a great turntable at a sensible price!

8/10 by Tgk

Pretty decent starter table. I found 2 being given away at a moving sale. One worked great, the other was dead. Bought a new stylus (ADC K8-E) for the cart, cleaned it up and lubed the motor. Sounds very nice through my Denon system. Speed is steady after resistor adjustment and new belt. Good enough to sound pretty good, but I don't have to worry about my kids using it either. Easy to adjust, but anti-skating scale was WAY off.

8/10 by snorrewiets

Nice starters turntable,I have recently bought this for 12,50 Euro.It came with a defective belt and a damaged needle.So I ordered a new belt and a new cartridge Audio Technica AT-95E.Motor runs perfectly on strobo,pitty though gives a ticking sound,so I have put some drops of sewingmachine oil on the bearings without any result,suppose I have to live with it.See elsewhere my review for the AT-95E.Sound quality superb related to the costs for it.

8/10 by T.Y.

I rate it a 8 because it is my first TT. I know there are better out there, but for 30.00 it is great to learn about TT on. It sounds good and I have the speed running steady. I bought a SL1200 headshell with a Pickering TLE cart and a DLE stylus for 35.00. and new belt 10.00. Someday might buy a nicer TT but this one is good for now. Tom. :)

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