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Technics SL-B200 Reviews

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Technics SL-B200

9/10 by analogdino

I have two of these... the idea was to have some spare parts in case one failed. Presently, both work perfectly with low rumble and low wow. I had to repair one motor... the commutator has filled up with metal debris... scratched it out with a dental pick. (You have to be very careful with the disassembly and re-assembly.) This motor is a three-pole permanent magnet DC unit driven from the speed regulator board. Speed control is excellent, but the adjusting pot is a bit sensitive - I plan to fix this if I have to open it up again (I will just add suitable fixed resistors either side of it.) One unit has a new cartridges (an OM5), the other the original (I think) a P27. Also, one has a new belt. Overall, very happy with them both.

10/10 by JoBe

Bought a barely used one (together with Tuner ST-Z55L, Amplifier SU-Z35, Cassette-deck RS-M206, CD SL-PG390 & 2 LS SB-3130) for 99 euro!
Belt was melted into ± 50 pieces, replaced it (9,95 euro) and cleaned unit plays like new ...

10/10 by Galaxie

I just repaired one of these units for a customer. This is a very Basic & easy to use beginner turntable and believe it or not , it sounds great ! She has an Audio Technica AT-90 cartridge installed.

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