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Technics SL-B2 Reviews

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Technics SL-B2

Technics SL-B2

9/10 by slobrain

What a great old semi automatic belt drive turntable. These were the affordable tables in the early 80s and the build quality is great. Japan Technics turntable engineers were good at their designs. I think somewhat better than the engineers at Pioneer. A lot of these SL-B2 and B3s tables are still going strong today with just a little TLC. A hidden vintage gem.

10/10 by Old Rusty

Now this is how you build a turntable! Found this one at a thrift-store for $20, dirty, neglected & left for dead... All it took to get 'er back in the game & spinning the black circle was a little work on the speed-pots & a reset of the auto-return gear.
The tonearm bearings were still perfect & the arm (the best one they ever made IMHO) balanced in all of ten seconds. With a nice cartridge & stylus combo this table sings like a bird & pounds like a sledgehammer. If you find one, buy it. Viva Technics!

9/10 by Rixster

This is a great turntable. Easy to use and sounds pretty good for a cheapy. I would not consider this a low end turntable.

9/10 by Alchemist_8

Just justs sounds brillant and has great build quality. Mine is still going strong after a hard life.
Great bargains these days.

5/10 by peter21

I had this turntable for a year. Used it as a spare. I loved it. Used different headshells + cartridges on it. (AT95e, JVC Z1, and Shure M95e) The turntable is indifferent in all of them,
tracks good and is very constant in speed.

10/10 by austinboni

I had this turntable handed down to me from my grandfather and it has not disappointed at all. With the original cartridge and headshell it didn't sound very good but with an upgraded Otrofon sh-4 headshell and Otrofon 2m red cartridge, this turntable is taken to a Hi-fi level. I did have to replace the belt about 6 months into owning it but it was a very cheap and easy fix. I was lucky enough to not have to pay anything for my mint sl-b2 but if you are looking to buy one I would totally recommend it. It is a great vintage turntable that is built very well and sounds great.

10/10 by watchdog005

This is an all time sleeper among vintage turntables. Buy it and listen for yourself. Once you listen to this belt driven turntable you will never buy a direct drive.

8/10 by pioneerPL10

Bought one of these on Craigslist from a woman who was very careful with it. After letting it sit in storage for ten years, she put it up for sale at $50. While I thought it was a little on the high side I bought it because she took great care of it. I got it home and unboxed it with the belief that it would need a new belt. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had taken the belt off the motor and it was on the platter for storage. I installed the belt and played an LP. The cart sounded okay, but I put on a new stylus and sibilance issues were solved.
I worked for many years in broadcasting when vinyl and tape were the tools of the trade. This turntable is not up to professional standards, but for $50 I am impressed with the mechanical operation and good sound. Does it blow me away? No. But for sitting in non-climate controlled storage for 10 years and enduring temps of 30 below in the winter and heat and humidity in the summer, I am impressed that all pots and switches work just fine. Steady speed, even the auto return works flawlessly. After looking at new turntables for $300 to $500, I think this was actually a pretty good deal. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to play vinyl and enjoy the analog sound without spending a fortune.

Side Note: I also bought the Akai receiver that she used with this turntable; AA-R20. Took it to a friend of mine and we dug into it. A discrete phono stage and decent sound, no DC offset and other pleasant surprises. Matched it with a pair of B&W bookshelf speakers and it is very nice. Listening to the Police: Ghost in the Machine and loving it.

Hats off to Vinylengine for a GREAT site.

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