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Technics SL-6 Reviews

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Technics SL-6

Technics SL-6

9/10 by DASpinning

I have owned this turntable since 1983. We use it very often. Our grown kids used it and learned how to treat vinyl correctly. The linear track system protects your albums from deep cross scratching. If you can find one; GET IT!

5/10 by williamabatey

This was my very first turntable which was purchased from Laskys in Tottenham Court Road, London back in the mid 80's as part of a Technics stack system consisting of the
RS-1W Twin Cassette Deck
ST-5L Tuner
SH-EL Equiliser and the beautiful SU-7 Amplifier which are all still working to this day. The kit is now over 36 years old and still going strong. So with a little TLC equipment will last and give you many years of pleasure. I still enjoy cleaning the kit and playing vinyl, cassettes or just listening to the radio.
I shall post more and share material as time progresses as I have quite a lot of Technics kit in my systems.

10/10 by Hersey17356

LOVE mine and it's my daily-driver. Technics P28 cart w/ 3x.7 stylus running into a 100 ohm phono input on Sansui 4000. Thought it sounded great on the standard Phono 1 input at 47 ohm, but got curious and now the soundstage is as wide as a duck's wake.

10/10 by fredysilva

Very good turntable, bought it used for a short time and it was a big surprise to me, since he had no needle to the original cartridge, Technics EPC 23, ordered an Ed Saunders, right now I have ridden a Audio Technica cartridge with needle Ed Saunders with excellent results ...
Frederico Silva

9/10 by soundvision

Very cool turntable with linear tracking. Detects blanks between tracks allowing for skipping tracks, custom play order and repeat. Plays vinyl like CDs. Integrated 45 adapter, direct drive. Only thing is that it uses p-mount cartridges instead of the standard half-inch mount.

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