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Technics SL-5350 Reviews

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Technics SL-5350

Technics SL-5350

9/10 by jwspicer1

Unique Technics machine, like the others in the 5000 series. Drive system is essentially the same as a 1200 and others, but unlike those you have to switch it to FG servo mode to adjust the speed. But in quartz lock mode, it’s rock steady. The combo target light/strobe prism is a matter of taste. The record changer abilities are a bonus. It gets used as a single play full auto most of the time. Weak point is the Memo-Gram function which can occasionally fail to register a cycle. And the plinth and suspension are nothing special. In use, a very good turntable that can take respectable cartridges. Be warned, the changer works very well, but getting the auto spindles is getting VERY expensive! So look for a good deal with all the spindles present. And if you don’t need the changer function the 5200 or 5300 are often found for better prices and are the same excellent design.

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