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Technics SL-5200 Reviews

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Technics SL-5200

Technics SL-5200

8/10 by 144Cid-1

Good turntable, but not a $1000 tt. Hooked mine up and the platter started spinning at 300-400 rpm. Soldered wire had come loose from the speed adjustment at the circuit board. That fixed, it is a good turntable, but not the best. Wish the feet were adjustable to level it, instead of having to shim it.

9/10 by Larsnc

Bought one of these old TT a month ago.
Cleaned the pots and now its steady as a rock.
Great sounding old TT.
Really easy to clean and maintain.

9/10 by ebcdic

My search for a good sounding turntable included a Technics 1300 MK1, a Pioneer Pl-518 and recently a Technics SL-10. Maybe I do not have the audiophile ear, but this has been the best sounding turntable I have owned. Mechanically it is built like a tank. One weak spot would be the feet, good luck finding one without limp back springs.

8/10 by gator.swamp

Bought new about 1978 Auto Return
Works and holds speed with quartz precision.
Nothing special in comparison to many other Technics tables. Good accurate TT.

One note: The mechanics require attention after a period of storage. Be sure to take pictures if disassembling for cleaning.

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