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Technics SL-5 Reviews

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Technics SL-5

Technics SL-5

9/10 by affordablelaptops199

Got it for $10.00 36 Years old just needed a little love
and new cartridge/stylus.

8/10 by Mylene2006

I'm actually shocked at how good this turntable sounds with a decent cart and a nude elliptical stylus. As far as tracking, the reviews on how well this turntable can play a warped record are right, plays them no problem! Of course the compact profile is very cool, but it's actually built quite well. The great feature on all these Technics players is the dynamically balanced low mass tonearm, this is why they are so good with warps but also they don't tend to skip when people stomp around while it's playing, and is not as effected as much by loud playback volumes. I agree with the previous reviewer that states that this model is an excellent value for the investment involved. The only thing I would suggest if you own this ( or any vintage turntable) is to familiarise yourself with any adjustments and maintenance that may be necessary. If you do,you'll not only be confident you'll be able to service and make routine adjustments yourself in case an issue arises, but you'll probably end up enjoying it for a lot longer..get one while you can!

10/10 by mhudsoncsp

Bought my SL-5 in 1981 and it's been an amazing turntable. Excellent playback, my record collection has almost no wear due to perfect tracking, it's easy to use and very small. Bought it from Fairview Electronics and performed flawlessly since.

I've bought many other turntables since 1981, they have all been sold because not one of them could play vinyl with much warping, while the SL-5 handles anything.

6/10 by stratokaster83

This turntable looks like a toy, but in reality it's a serious record player. It sounds surprisingly refined even with cheap cartridges (I use mine with Audio-Technica AT92E). It will also flawlessly track otherwise unplayable records: worn-out, damaged, etc. For example, I have a Soviet record where Sibelius Violin Concerto (yes, all 34 minutes of it) is recorded on one side (the other side features Schnittke's almost 30-minutes long Concerto Grosso). This is the only turntable which plays this record acceptably well. For that reason, I keep it around for digitizing such problematic records or recording them to R2R tapes.

So why only 3 stars? There are 2 issues that prevent this turntable from being really good. First, it wouldn't play decentered records (they bump into something with every revolution). And second, the tonearm assembly is attached to the cover, which makes it somewhat susceptible to acoustic feedback even at normal listening levels. Otherwise, I would be happy with it even as a primary turntable.

10/10 by jeffrey9667

I've been using Technics SL -5 since 1983. A true work horse. Never skips, plays smooth. As solid today as the day I bought it. 34 years now I believe. Paid just over $100 I believe back then. Small in size, big in sound. Love this turntable.

9/10 by mark2wheeler

May of 2016 garage sale find.Had eight dollars in my wallet.Offered it and got it home.Works perfectly and sounds great.One of my best bargains!

5/10 by Jarchila

I've owned this turntable since it came out in the 80s and it still works like new! It's been used very heavily but you would never know. Still looks brand new. I won't ever give it up. It's amazing and doesn't wear out the vinyl due to the precision tracking. I think it's time to upgrade to the top of the line Grado Gold. I bet it would sound mind blowing!

7/10 by anthonyw

My SL-5 was bought second or third or fourth hand about 2yrs ago. I liked the ease of use approach taken by Technics. I'd had a Rega Planar 2 for many years but went away from vinyl after purchsing a hi-end Wadia cdp. Initially I used the standard cart and stylus with the SL-5 which was pretty average. I had read that upgrading this aspect of the TT could bring very satisfactory improvements. I got hold of a NOS Ortofon TM H30 cart with a fine line stylus. What a total transformation.
Detail, bass, focus all improved dramatically. This is a great little TT for very little money. SP10 SL10 SL1200 Mk2 are getting out there as far as price goes. The SL5 may be the latest 'sleeper' tt floating about in reasonable numbers. Go find yourself one and try it out with a decent cart set-up. Very listenable indeed. Great if you have young children that like to 'poke' their fingers into everything because the stylus is well protected from this sort of activity by having the lid, which encloses everything safely.

10/10 by Roccoguy

This TT is a gem, but keep that to yourself as everybody will want one. I use the original Technics cart on mine, just my preference. I pipe it through a Technics SU-5 amp and SH-E5 EQ linked to Technics SB-F5 speakers (again, these speakers are amazing and cheap if you can find a pair, another secret). They are all part of the same package, the 315 Series Type 40/E system. In direct comparison to my SL-DD33 through Celestion 5 Mk2 speakers, the SL-5 wins hands down. For a deck that is 30 years old, it's hard to beat for durability. It's almost impossible to make the SL-5 skip, short of taking a cricket bat to it. Some people say the SL-5 is lacking in bottom end, but it sounds very full to me. I listen to heavy metal - Janet Jackson through it and all points in-between, the SL-5 never fails to impress. You do need to have x-ray vision in certain light conditions to see where the arm is when manually operating it, but that is just nit-picking. Truly one of my all-time favourite Technics components. Small but mighty.

9/10 by stuart2011

I have always been interested in linear tracking turntables as in theory they will always track the record as it was intended, so thought I would give it bash.
I got hold of a Technics SL-5 as the SL-10’s are harder to get hold of and about twice the price and being my first foray into linear tracking wasn’t going to spend a fortune. This sl-5 was a black version which also had fitted an Audio Technica VS245LP which appears to have the equivalent performance of an AT120
I wasn’t expecting miracles but the sound that came from this light plastic box was hard to believe. What was amazing is the sound that came from this deck is better than my so called real turntables a Project and SL-5200.
The only down side to owning this type of turntable is the use of P mount cartridges as the choice is a bit limited. If you are buying a new cartridge then I think the only choices are Shure, Audio Technica and Grado.
I have read that the Audio Technica AT-92ECD or the AT-311EP which is practically the same but has 5.0mv output as opposed to the 3.5mv that the AT-92 kicks out are very good for the money, so will be giving it a go in the not too distant future.

10/10 by Calito

My brother gift me this one, i'm very happy and from now i love Vinylengine. Yes sir!!
Mi hermano me regaló uno de estos, yo estoy muy feliz y desde ahora yo amo Vinylengine. Sí señor!!

10/10 by claira42

I have just bought this from a friend and it is one of the best turntables I have used to date.

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