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Technics SL-3310 Reviews

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Technics SL-3310

Technics SL-3310

8/10 by kameira

i´ve used this model for a long time,and at the time people used to say bad things about my other turntable ,a pioneer es-pl, it came with the es2000 system from pioneer in 1973, but i already had to make some improvements on my technics, but curiously the pioneer after 46 years is still original and a belt was substituted in 1982 ,i stopped using it around 94 and reconect it to my system last year ,and amazed i was it still works with an acurassy close to perfect, the same i cannot tell about the 3310 wich is very good ,but it demands more maintenace

9/10 by elastifiks

A perfect example of Technics mid-class DD's that have specs and performance that equals their top-line models. At age they certainly need thorough maintenance. But after that they shine again. Very recommendable TT at a fair price.

9/10 by niekos

Works perfectly!

5/10 by hhfk

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