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Technics SL-3200 Reviews

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Technics SL-3200

Technics SL-3200

10/10 by gtb2904

Original Owner. Recently took my TTs out of the closet and did a bit of a cleanup and fine tuning on both. Not impressed with my Dual 607 so I got rid of it. However, my Technics SL3200 still worked like a charm and sounded great. I'll be upgrading the cartridge soon. It is still worth every penny I paid for it.

9/10 by jchurch7

Bought my SL-3200 in 1978. Sprang for an Empire 2000 E/III at that time. Used it quite a bit for the next 20 years. Then it sat idle for 7 years. Got back into HIFI so I dusted her off and put her back into regular service. The only problem I've ever had is those wonky lid hinges. Other than that, she's just as steady as the day I bought her!

10/10 by Spanner1

I have also bought one of these turntables off eBay after having had a Garrard 401 and then a Thorens TD126 for many years. I must say that the SL3200 performs brilliantly and am highly delighted with it especially with the automatic functions. For my best stereo discs I use a Shure M97XE cartridge for the rest I use a Shure M95EJ. The Lid had cracked hinges (naturally!) so I sawed themoff flush with the back of the lid and then found that the Linn hinges would slide into the rear slots of the base OK and they have a slot into which the rear of the dust cover fits.

10/10 by mailhot0451

Bought mine in 1978 with a Shure M95ED Cartridge. Only thing I've ever done is replace the light for the stobe...otherwise still humming along with M95ED ion perfect working order. I use it in my business for vinyl to CD it!

9/10 by macnoob

only slight issue is with the 33RPM pitch adjustment: it doesn't want to stay exactly where I try to set it
Same thing on mine. But it's SO close (very very slightly fast) that I don't want to mess with it. Other than that a fantastic quiet operating table built like a tank.

9/10 by jukinrufus784533

my tables Aiwa lx-70 technics sl-j33r both linear trackers. sound great. most used tt garrard 86 sb mk2. put on a m91 ed shure with jico stylus from carols needles,sounded fantastic thought it could not get better, but I bought a sl 3200 from ebay needing repair ,got it sorted washed @polished stuck the m91 on her and I can tell you this 3200 is no low life it sounds awesome knocks my other tables for SIX ps. this is a great site @ very very helpful keep it spinning cheers,

9/10 by Brendonla

Bought one of these used off eBay from the sole owner. Seller provided a Ortofon VMS 20 MK II cart/stylus with it and it sounds AMAZING compared to the Teac P-595 with Grado Black I used before. So far only slight issue is with the 33RPM pitch adjustment: it doesn't want to stay exactly where I try to set it, but I've found a good setting for it and plan to leave it at that. Apparently the pots on these pitch adjusters can get dirty and need cleaning but I'm trying to avoid opening up the unit. Overall, very pleased, but based on it's age just hoping I don't have to invest in a new servo motor anytime soon. Previous owner claims he hardly used it (and it looks that way) so this shouldn't be the case anytime soon.

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