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Technics SL-235 Reviews

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Technics SL-235

10/10 by Danno210

I'm not grading this as how it compares across the spectrum of all turntables that exist, that's an impossible feat, but rather how this device compares to those similar to it, in this price range, and with these features.

With that said, the 15 years I've had my SL-235 have been with no issues at all. Having picked it up at a church fund raiser for a meager $11, all it needed was a belt and cartridge, and a wiping off to get it going. I checked the lubricants and whatnot - none felt at all gummy and were still smooth and slick - it's possible this machine was serviced before I bought it but for that paltry sum I'm guessing not. The versatility of the optional 33 & 45 stacking spindles make this a workhorse that will entertain you no matter what mood you're in. I also have a more recently-acquired SL-B5 which seems identical to the '235 with only a couple tiny differences and it, too, works perfectly and needs no maintenance. These things are built like tanks!

Although the 33 stacker spindle comes with the unit, they tend to have been lost and you'll likely have to purchase it separately. You'll probably spend a lot more for either the 33 or 45 stacker than you will for the turntable itself as they're somewhat uncommon and command large sums for what they are, but both stacking spindles seem to be largely interchangeable with the different Technics TTs that have the tall dust cover.

6/10 by Zal Bedo

I am not an audiophile, so read this review with that in mind. I bought one of these in the mid nineties for $40. I haven't felt the need to replace it since. It has worked well for the past 20 years and I am sure it was 10 years old when I bought it. In fact, I am listening to ELO's Out of the Blue as I write this and it sounds incredible.

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