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Technics SL-220 Reviews

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Technics SL-220

Technics SL-220

10/10 by Vinylgirlfl

I recently picked up this turntable at the Goodwill for under $10. I took it apart to clean the pots, remove old grease, and just look everything over. The only thing wrong with my turntable is a broken armrest, but it still works anyway. I really love the way it sounds, and this is my third Technics TT. I also have the SLQ3, and the 1600.

10/10 by beaumontsmokey

T've owned one since the 80's..Solid. reliable and excellent sound at its price point. No complaints or failures in over 35 years of service. If it ever lost speed. it was easily fixed by cleaning the pots in a matter of minutes [every decade or so].My belts last about 15 years before replacing . Sounds as good as the cartridge you put in it. simple to swap cartridges which is a real plus to me. You would have to pay a fair amount more before your ears could tell the difference on a much higher end turntable. Total win for anyone on a budget but still wants a solid performer A+

10/10 by slobrain

I purchased this TT used from Ebay on Oct 2018. Got this home and cleaned it up. Cleaned all the pots and put a new belt on it. This thing holds speed excellent. I'm impressed with it. Ive owned many different turntables since 1976 and one of my best was a Pioneer PL-518. My current tables are a Pioneer PL-250, Technics SL-D2, Technics SL-B2 and this table. What can I say about it, it might have been considered the lower line TT back in the day (1978) but its miles above most current day turntables. The thing most new vinyl listers of today dont understand is the late 70s thru-out the 80s were the best days for really well built turntables. The mid priced stuff of the 70s/80s are much better built as well as better designed than most the new stuff. And most of all casual listeners back then enjoyed the auto return function that most new made tables don't have. Japan had excellent engineers building T-tables back then. How do I know this... Because I'm an electronics tech and worked on many tables. I can see by the way they were built. This is one excellent table that holds its own to anything new. IMHO most the old Technics are better than most anything you can buy today. With a little maintenance they keep on going just like the Energizer bunny...

9/10 by Larsnc

Great simple TT.
Bought it some time ago, cleaned it and it runs steady as a rock.
My first TT in close to 30 years.
love it.

10/10 by Zohaib Lughmani

Found this nice looking Technics at a garage sale. Did not know the quality. When I changed the stylus, put a new belt, it sounded amazing. Great deal if you find one cheap and used.

5/10 by bdumon

I had this TT in high school from 79-82 so when I got back in to vinyl, i bought another one on E-Bay for nostalgia. I've been thinking about upgrading to a new one but after I took it all apart, cleaned the pitch controls, auto stop and cuing, it runs perfectly and no motor noise. I'm having a hard time justifying spending $500-1000 on a new model that are usually not semi-auto. I have mine in my office and don't want to have to pick up the tone arm at the end of an album if I'm on a conf call..Anyway, I think I'll upgrade to the best Cart I can put in it. Any suggestions?

10/10 by kenny500c

Nowadays all high end tables seem to be belt drive, at the time the SL-220 came out everyone was demanding direct-drive. Yet my lowly 220 lives on sounding awesome while many DD's have bit the dust.

8/10 by Mooncalf2012

I picked one of these up for about $10 at a thrift shop with a nice T4P Mount Technics P23 cart installed with an adapter. All it needed was a new belt, and a little alignment, and it was good to go, and sounded great. I would recommend if you're having trouble maintaining or adjusting pitch with the adjustment wheels, squirt a little Deoxit and they work like brand new. The only issue I have with this deck is despite being belt-driven, there is an abnormal amount of platter resonance. Looking to add a coating underneath to dampen it, add weight, maybe acrylic resin, or that latex spray might work. Maybe just replacing platter mat with a better one would help, (the one included is very thin). Love the tonearm on it, and I've thought of having a custom hardwood plinth made to customize it.

10/10 by turboaerorider

I've had my SL220 since I bought it new in 1978. It has NEVER had an issue, other than a belt replacement, and light lubrication to the spindle and motor. It sounds as good today as the day it was new. I bought another one on eBay to set up a makeshift DJ unit. These were definitely under rated. A friend of mine bought a Thorens about the same time back then. His turntable is a long age memory, while the 220 keeps playing flawlessly.

9/10 by doctor fuse

Very quiet, black background. Lots of detail and good dynamics.

Don't listen to what the snobs say - this is a very fine turntable.

The only thing a high end turntable might do noticeably better, is play over ticks and pops quieter.

8/10 by mjperry96

Bought this as my first turntable over a year ago and still love it to this day! Gonna upgrade soon, but for a beginner who's looking for a semi-auto 'table there's nothing better!

9/10 by Musikman51

I just finished setting up an SL-220 for a lady and her husband that had been sitting for 15+ years. Once the strobe adjustment was fixed I set up a new AT-3003 P-Mount on it, hooked it up to a Technics SA-222 reciever and a pair of Boston Acoustics HD8 speakers I had sitting for sale. A great sound for a system that's not expensive. The turntable works flawless and listening through my Sennhieser HD414 Headphones it sounds even more fantastic, clean sound and real easy to upkeep. I'd buy one in a heartbeat. A real nice semi-auto turntable for a beginner or a novice. The AT-3003 helps out with a nice wide soundstage and incredible range of sound that transmits the most suttle nuances clear plus solid bass and midrange and added crystal clear vocals and highs for a $40. sale and $80. normal price cartridge. Musikman51

9/10 by idnod

Great beginner turntable. I recently (2015 Q4) completed setting up a vintage audio system and decided (2016 Q1) to add a full analog source. Bought a used SL-220 from the original owner in great physical condition. It even had the original belt from the 70s that degraded into a sticky goo - the only part changed was the cartridge which was replaced with an Audio Technica AT201EP. Before playing any disk on it I inspected the unit in and out and did minor maintenance i.e. Replace belt, oil spindles, wipe down body with carnuba, reset vertical tracking force. Lastly, I set the inputs of the integrated amp to match the turntable i.e. MM, capacitance, infrasonic filters. After all the TLC I laid down a Rachmaninov vinyl I've been hanging on for months, as I carefully cue the stylus I was in awe as the stylus landed on disc...absolute silence (not a pop or crackle) then the first note jumped out of the speakers - MUSIC!!!. I'm hooked! It's worth all the vinyl pre and post play ritual. I'll be keeping this as long as I can and hopefully find replacements/substitutes for major parts like motors and servos. Simple unsophisticated enjoyment from a humble turntable.

Considering this is an entry turntable back then and it's current age I'd give it 9 out of 10 - losing just a point because major parts seems to be irreplaceable which limits it's longevity.

Audio System Used:
Integrated Amp - NAD 3300
Speakers - JMlabs Micron Carat
Cable/s: TMC Gold Reference

7/10 by guy77money

Had this turntable since 1977, bought it at Service Merchandise for under $100. It was and still is a sweet sounding turntable.

10/10 by FANAAFULL

exelent basic turntable!

10/10 by Kelly OMera

I've owned this Turntable since high school 1977, pulled it out of the garage for the first time in 20 plus years the other day. Cleaned it up, put a new belt on it and it sounds as good as ever! A great turntable to roll vintage vinyl on!

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