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Technics SL-20 Reviews

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Technics SL-20

Technics SL-20

9/10 by Mdewitt134

I have owned this SL-20 since new: solid basic table, medium-heavy MDF plinth with silver finish, die cast and machined platter (not stamped), decent S shaped tonearm, removable technics headshell, spring loaded hinges for dust cover: had speed issues but these were corrected by replacing 2 cheap 20k pots: platter is definitely lighter than my Thotrns TD-160 but seems to hold speed well: well built unit, wiith good cartridge delivers good sound. Better than many starter tables I see today.

8/10 by royal_mile

I admire the honesty of this budget offering from Technics.

This mid 1970's belt drive turntable has a nice wood and chipboard plinth, with a steel plate supporting the DC motor and bearing. This is way nicer than the plastic construction Technics used in some of their later belt drive models.

The clean, minimalist look continues under the hood - this is a manual deck so there's not much in there to worry about, just two pots and one switch to clean and that's it all serviced.

I like the DC motor and servo control which means no mechanical linkage moving the belt up and down and hopefully less belt wear.

9/10 by kenny500c

Just picked one up cheap -not working - on the auction site. Came with an Technics SH-100 headshell!
Some de-oxit on the speed switch and speed pots we are up and running with some Marshall Tucker Band.
Sounds as good as any belt-drive to me.

4/10 by cmfast

My dad gave me his old SL-20 recently. I would've killed to have it when I was a teenager. But, now I see its shortcomings. FWIW it does a decent job for a starter deck. Just don't expect too much and you'll be happy. Drive system is reliable. Arm does what it's supposed to do. The lightweight plinth and stamped platter seem to be the achiles heels keeping it from reaching a mid-fi level of performance.

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