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Technics SL-1950 Reviews

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Technics SL-1950

Technics SL-1950

10/10 by Nadguy

The cueing lever and auto return problem is common and easily fixed even for a novice like me. You tube video explains it and is much simpler than can be imagined...involves removing tonearm(easy) and cleaning out the hardened grease...replace with new white silicone grease and you're back in business. Mine works perfectly now.

10/10 by patte

Bought mine in the late 70s while in college. Put a zillion miles on it and it is still wonderful. My kids are fighting over it, and lifting my albums.

10/10 by nachovinilo

Fantástico plato! Lo herede de mi tío que lo adquirió en 1977 y todavía funciona sin problemas. Conviene engrasar alguna de sus partes como a cualquier aparato de precisión. Es un máquina de precisión con la que puedes reproducir tus vinilos como si los acariciaras. Admite todo tipo de cápsulas consiguiendo la misma performance con cualquier modelo y peso. Si localizas uno no dudes en hacerlo tuyo.

5/10 by jdhorn1

Just picked one up. Had the usual hardened grease on the cueing gear under the arm platform after 40 yrs.. Had it going in an hour after watching repair video on youtube. Spinning records as I write this. Dead on stable. If you find one, get it.

9/10 by tentawon23

Mine's a hand-me-down from my dad. I'm pretty sure it's older than me, and I'm almost 40. I need to add some oil to the tonearm cueing damper at the moment, but other than that it works perfectly and sounds great!

5/10 by chiaro

10/10 by lcrb

I've owned this turntable for 40 years. It still plays at the proper speed and sounds great.

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