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Technics SL-1900 Reviews

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Technics SL-1900

Technics SL-1900

10/10 by TwoNames

An eBay purchased one April 2018 arrived with a Shure headset and M97HE-AH cartridge and an ERA-IV stylus! But hanging down from the arm, resting on the platter! Carefully unpacked and reset the headset. However the platter ran a bit slow and using the adjuster control caused sever erratic speeds. Just a slight touch of CRC QD Electronic Cleaner down on the pot a few times over several days and it worked fine. All works well then set the tracking according to downloaded arm tracking guide. Love this TT as I've a couple others, all direct drive and speed controlled. However this 1900, as described by others, you just set on a record, trigger the start and just enjoy! I added another stylus, same model, purchased from the Sound Doctor in Loveland, Colorado. He's been there for many years and has recently retired from repairs but has lots of equipment for sale. This newer stylus increased the quality of sound a bit better than the obviously long time use of the one that came with the TT. One add-on here: a couple folks searching for an SL-1910 but could not find any info. I believe it's an SL-1900 but capable of stacking records and auto playing them. I'm about to purchase one locally and hope the device for holding a stack is included.

10/10 by jaybrad

Purchased my SL-1900 on Ebay and it was in fantastic cosmetic condition (can’t believe it’s 42 years old!). The tonearm queuing and anti-skate was all gummed up from old grease. Referred to the Youtube video on how to take it apart and clean/re-grease with lithium. Works great now and the RPM’s are dead on. Put a Nagaoka MP-110 cart on it with Schiit Mani preamp. Sounds amazing! I mostly got it because it has the repeat feature which I find strange that it’s not offered on todays turntables (that I’m aware) and because it’s wow and flutter beat out many decks currently new on the market. It can repeat up to 1-6 times or continuous. Works out great when I’m busy around the house and don’t have to go back and forth to restart the record and when it’s finished just shuts off. Nice and convenient. Highly recommend!

10/10 by Nadguy

The cuing and auto feature can be affected by hardened grease. See You Tube video of SL-1900 repair and it explains all the steps to repair...fairly easy even for a novice like me. About 1-2 hours of your time and simple tools. Just be careful and patient as it does involve tonearm removal(far easier than I thought)

10/10 by mgl99

Bought mine new 44 years ago. I had to clean and renew the silicone in the tonearm dampening cylinder about 10 years ago. At that time, I lubed everything sparingly. This table sounds fantastic with the Shure V15 Mark III. I recently purchased a new Ed Saunders stylus for it. The table looks and sounds like new. I'm currently using it with a Marantz 2270 and B&W DM 602 speakers. As always, speed control remains rock solid.

10/10 by Sarahdad258

Awesome turntable watch some of the reviews on youtube videos and you will see why the Model is so popular its all I use for my older JAZZ vinyl my SL1900 is 44 years old still plays great

8/10 by yamaha freak1

I have to agree, an underated table, benefitting its upper siblings.The sound is really quite decent, rumble ok,I use a Stanton 500 II. feedback resistant.Mine needed cue freed,and packed,was working, but the armrest was broken.I managed to damage the cueing...still working,a good starter, or budget, backup table,mine was less than $100.00...don't pay big for one, but they are listenable!My two others are a YPD6 Yamaha Stanton 681EEE Denon DP-45F Pickering.

9/10 by ulrichdx

9/10 by tony52

I returned to vinyl after a few years away, and picked up one of these that needed some work.
I have to echo rich 1968's comments, and say this deck is well under rated.
Sounds great with an audio technica 95e cartridge, and was very impressed when i tried a used shure m97xe.
It has never missed a beat, nor misbehaved, for the price, a great deck, i love it

8/10 by rich1968

Great turntable and sounds great.To say this wasn't a top end table it is an excellent performer.

8/10 by beacher6

Owned a Sl-1900 for over 15 years. It was one of the least expensive Technics at the time. It does everything it was meant to do, an excellent value. Easy to set-up, speed is always perfect, put on a record, hit start and walk away, never a problem.

8/10 by J2M

Great turnable, newly acquired at a fraction of its original cost, in excellent condition (but not mint).
Works as new, sounds great (Pickering X V15 IV was included) and keeps a beautiful and attractive look, 35 years later.
Oldies but...

7/10 by maxrazer

Great turntable

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