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Technics SL-1900 Reviews

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Technics SL-1900

Technics SL-1900

10/10 by Nadguy

The cuing and auto feature can be affected by hardened grease. See You Tube video of SL-1900 repair and it explains all the steps to repair...fairly easy even for a novice like me. About 1-2 hours of your time and simple tools. Just be careful and patient as it does involve tonearm removal(far easier than I thought)

10/10 by mgl99

Bought mine new 44 years ago. I had to clean and renew the silicone in the tonearm dampening cylinder about 10 years ago. At that time, I lubed everything sparingly. This table sounds fantastic with the Shure V15 Mark III. I recently purchased a new Ed Saunders stylus for it. The table looks and sounds like new. I'm currently using it with a Marantz 2270 and B&W DM 602 speakers. As always, speed control remains rock solid.

10/10 by Sarahdad258

Awesome turntable watch some of the reviews on youtube videos and you will see why the Model is so popular its all I use for my older JAZZ vinyl my SL1900 is 44 years old still plays great

8/10 by yamaha freak1

I have to agree, an underated table, benefitting its upper siblings.The sound is really quite decent, rumble ok,I use a Stanton 500 II. feedback resistant.Mine needed cue freed,and packed,was working, but the armrest was broken.I managed to damage the cueing...still working,a good starter, or budget, backup table,mine was less than $100.00...don't pay big for one, but they are listenable!My two others are a YPD6 Yamaha Stanton 681EEE Denon DP-45F Pickering.

9/10 by ulrichdx

9/10 by tony52

I returned to vinyl after a few years away, and picked up one of these that needed some work.
I have to echo rich 1968's comments, and say this deck is well under rated.
Sounds great with an audio technica 95e cartridge, and was very impressed when i tried a used shure m97xe.
It has never missed a beat, nor misbehaved, for the price, a great deck, i love it

8/10 by rich1968

Great turntable and sounds great.To say this wasn't a top end table it is an excellent performer.

8/10 by beacher6

Owned a Sl-1900 for over 15 years. It was one of the least expensive Technics at the time. It does everything it was meant to do, an excellent value. Easy to set-up, speed is always perfect, put on a record, hit start and walk away, never a problem.

8/10 by J2M

Great turnable, newly acquired at a fraction of its original cost, in excellent condition (but not mint).
Works as new, sounds great (Pickering X V15 IV was included) and keeps a beautiful and attractive look, 35 years later.
Oldies but...

7/10 by maxrazer

Great turntable

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