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Technics SL-1800 Reviews

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Technics SL-1800

Technics SL-1800

8/10 by Alacalufe

I have had many times all the 1200s variations, and I have a 1800mk2 from more than 10 years. The only 1200 that I never have, is the GAE version, but it is a completely different animal, besides at its price: 5000 euros. At that price, I prefer to make a think about the new SP10, announced at August, 2017, but the price is not available yet. Waiting for now...
OK, going to the bone, I'm very well impressed with the 1800mk2. Even with the same rickety tonearm used in the 1200s, I feel that the 1800mk2 as a whole system, reach a better performance level than the normal 1200s. The 1800mk2 chassis, is a spring loaded type, that is very different to those used into the 1200s, that is a solid type, made with some sort of rubber. It could be the main factor that can make the difference between them. Besides, the 1800mk2, is cheaper.
Lucky are the 1800mk2's owners.
Cheers !

9/10 by nev23

The mkII is very different inside from the mkI. I have had both at the same time and compared them side by side. The mkII has the same arm and motor as a SL1210, but the mkI is definitely a domestic deck. The rubber turntable mat could be thicker; the platter still rings a bit with it in place.

10/10 by toroechado

I own this table and beats every table around $3K I've listened. Very very recomendable.

10/10 by meesterlp

If I were to design an everyday type everyman's working TT, I would just make a clone of the Technics 1800MK2. I have 2 of these, a beat up everyday spinner, and a mint boxed up unit just in case. Fully manual operation, SL1200 drive motor, super quick start-up, an adjustable quick brake system, and an anti-skate designed system that really works. These 2 will go to the grave with me. Super accurate, and when set-up correctly-not lacking in any performance area.

10/10 by ksonger

I bought this 1800MK2 with Ortofon 2M Blue and it is amazing! The motor is dead accurate and silent, just like its famous brother SL1200 models. The double suspension on the system definitely dampens any type of vibration coming from my speakers or anything for that matter. I can tap on the body with my finger while it is spinning and I won't hear a thud through my speakers. Replacement parts are easy to find since most of it is the same component as the SL1200. Definitely a must have for Technics lovers who want to use it for home listening.

10/10 by thesaxsectionST20-110

I bought my SL-1800MK2 in 1979 and it was, as now, a hidden gem. Direct drive, instant start, exceptional tracking and even now it plays like new. I was so impressed with it, I ordered two just like it for our post production studio. One was used to transfer music library and sound effects. The other was used to play high quality LPs and client test discs. We used, and I still use AT cartridges of different designs for each of the tables and found that even now, head shells are rather easy to purchase. Mine has been treated as a jewel and is in perfect shape. I've been offered three times the original price for it and won't give it up.

10/10 by zeoNRider

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