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Technics SL-1700 Reviews

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Technics SL-1700

Technics SL-1700

10/10 by paddypaws

Bought an sl-1700 mk2 second hand. Quite a few advances over the original 1700, target light, quartz lock, suspended chassis etc . It has all the sonic qualities of the sl-1210 ( I also own,) with the distinct advantage of auto arm return. These have fantastic external vibration isolation, silent sections are properly silent. One thing about these people often overlook is how cool these look, with sleek looks and the target light is very useful. Easy to work on to repair as well. Beautifully made, a solid piece of equipment. Really pleased with mine even though I paid top dollar for it.

9/10 by gmskelton

I'd like to clarify for anyone reading that the SL-1700 and SL-1700 MK2 are two different models. The picture with this review is the 1700. Technics produced the 1700 from 77-78 and successor SL-1700 MK2 in 79-81. They are both excellent tables. The controls were moved out front of the dust cover on the MK2 and the MK2 has some features that the 1700 doesn't: adjustable tonearm base height and signal dampening when cueing. The signal dampening is activated any time the cueing/auto return system is activated and prevents the pop you get when the stylus lands on, or leaves, the record surface from getting to your amp. As mentioned in a previous review, the cueing/Auto Return system is motor driven and has a belt that needs replacement and some plastic gears that have a tendency to crack. The belt can be replaced with a #39 o-ring from the hardware store (Menard's has them). I've had 5 MK2s and all had cracked gears on the cue drive, but all worked normally and haven't had to work on the gears on any of them. Another feature of the MK2 is the electronic trigger for the auto return. Photo transistors are used and there is nothing mechanical here so there is ZERO force applied to your stylus to trigger the auto return (reason for the motor driven cue/auto return system) so your highly sensitive cartridges can be used. The platter drive board is the same as the 1200 MK2 DJ table, as is the tonearm.

9/10 by bobcae

Anyone know where I can purchase a stylus overhang gauge for the Technics SL 1700 MKI ?

10/10 by Leest63

Super TT. have a Nag110 on it , tracks ands sounds excellent.

5/10 by MILLET

Bought a used 1700 and every thing fonctions perfectly. It seems rock solid and tracks fine with any cartridge. A good deal.

10/10 by Mdewitt134

This SL1700mk2 is the best: I luckily ran across mine that someone with a VPI and a 1200mk2 considered exess: virtually same tonearm as 1200, complete adjustability, including arm height for VTA, Quartz lock speed control, heavy plinth plus the sub-suspension for platter and arm make it very resistant to skipping! I've always had simple manual belt drive tables, no automation, but this super silent stable quartz control DC is great, as is the auto-return arm: now I'm spoiled! This table is one of the best in my opinion! I'm fortunate to have found one!

10/10 by beedub

i restored my SL1700 totally, including the cue arm damper, and the sound, performance and isolation are terrific. best TT i have had ever.

10/10 by elastifiks

Good to see that worldwide there is a great appreciation for this TT and her sisters. I restored mine recently (2017) by the book and it's amazing how Japanese engineering looks and sounds at their peak in 1978. Metal housing, HQ arm, built in suspension, auto return and it runs very very silent and has great sound with a Shure M75 ED-2. Now such TT's would cost appr. 2000 Euro. This quality is rarely seen...

9/10 by 7teesand8tees

Hi there, I am just starting back up in the vinyl age after finding my singles & albums that have not seen the light of day since the late 80s. I have recently purchased a Technics SL-1700 & without checking anything I fired it straight up and the sound quality and operation was absolutely brilliant. I then purchased a new cartridge and away we went again. Love It. Now I have had to take early retirement I can amuse myself for hours. I think I have purchased a very nice Turntable indeed.

8/10 by Davidmhauseman

I was wondering if anyone could help...when I raise the TT with the Cueing or on auto return, the tonearm drifts to the left and rests beside the tonearm do I get this fixed? The TT Level has been checked and is fine. I am also looking for a new dust cover with hinges. Would a 1200 fit this?

10/10 by GrooveControl

I have a pair of these. The first time I came across these tables was in a nightclub where they were used for dj purposes. I know the 1200 took the lead for DJ use, but having auto return makes the 1700s a fantastic choice for home use. They may live to 100 years, too bad I won't be around to celebrate that. My third table, also Technics, has quartz lock, but my ears don't notice any difference.


i own an 1700 mk2 bought new 1981 also bought sure v15-4 still plays as good as day one only problem replaced stlyes after it came unglued replaced it with an EDD S. AND STILL USING MY KLH T. NOISE ELEMATOR WITH AN OLD YAMAHA 2020 .

10/10 by eddyferra

Bought one used and already fitted with a Goldring 1020 cart.
Sweet sounding, nice looking and rock solid TT. Very happy with it.

10/10 by jasonmit

I picked one up a few years back from a pawn shop. After cleaning it up and replacing the audio cable it's worked perfectly. If the tone arm height is adjustable I would love to hear more about that. Mine appears to be sitting a couple mm's high.

10/10 by OceanMang

after looking at many, many turntables i decided on a SL-1700 Mk1, and am not disappointed. classic looks, rock solid and blows all my other decks away sound-wise. one of the best.

9/10 by sammyflou

10/10 by Old Rusty

A great, simple, heavyweight turntable. The one I found on Kijiji had sat for 25 years, but all I had to do was oil the bearing, check the suspension, clean the speed pots & bingo: the damn thing spins the black circle like a champ. The sound is huge, crystal clear & punchy with a Denon DL-110 cartridge on it. If you see one, buy it.

10/10 by Jae2000

I acquired a 1210 mk2 around a year ago and was really impressed, (see my review on that also). I then found this on ebay, and after some work on this 30 odd year old I finally have it fully working.
This is another step up again due to the suspension system on it, as I now have even less background noise. Not only no rumble, but no feedback or footfall noise of any sort even when on high volumes. Coupled with my usual Ortofon VMS 20E II cartridge, (Now with new stylus) this turntable gives excellent stability, and clarity, with all instruments recognisable, regardless of genre. The 1210 also managed this, but this is even better. Definitely staying with these two now, and have actually sold my old Dual and Ariston decks.

10/10 by dcgibson55

I had one of these in the late 1970's. I'm very pleased to see that it made the top 10. It's a great performer for not a lot of money and extremely good looking. A winner all around.

10/10 by Berre

The tonearm definately IS adjustable in height. (RTFM) Their is a screw on the right side in the lift assy. Push down the lift as the screw is a hex that needs to be un-locked prior to adjustment. Then adjust height of arm with screwdriver: clockwise is lower, anti-clock is higher.

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