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Technics SL-1600 Reviews

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Technics SL-1600

Technics SL-1600


I've had my turntables since i was a kid, matching Technics SL-1800's paid $20 each in 1992. I just got them from storage after 10 years; cleaned, greased and oiled them. They are like brand new again, but I never had the covers.

I found the Dust Cover for Reloop RP2000 / RP4000 Turntables described as the perfect size on a few forums and they were correct, the hinges line up. I designed and 3d printed the replacement plates and I now have covers for $45 each. Thanks Am#zon. If you need the plate, I shared it on Thing*verse.

10/10 by elastifiks

My 1600 mk-I is clearly a top piece of engineering. Better isolation of vibrations compared to earlier models like the 1300 and well thought of design and maintainability. Built like a tank and a perfect candidate for full restoring. Sounds very very well with the right cart.

10/10 by honomo10

I bought an Sl1600 (not mkII) about 5 years ago (its oct/2018 now). It had been abandoned for years before that. The automatic was not working because it needed some lubrication. After that, its been working flawlessly. I have bought and serviced a few turntables after that (including a beautiful pioneer pl-630) but i sold them all, and stayed with the 1600. I think its an extremely reliable machine, built to last, excelent performance, stable speeds, very nice looking. Obsolescense will never be a problem with this machine!

10/10 by nucha

10/10 by Obywatel

The SL-1600/1610 MK2 is the best consumer turntable ever made by Technics. Its performance, quality of materials, solid construction and upmarket features such as the floating sub-chassis and sophisticated fully-automatic operation make it a truly outstanding machine. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Howdy everyone , i need some advice on this table , it is the MK2 version and i changed the cueing belt but now the auto return and auto start is not working and when it tries to do its thing , the arm becomes very stiff and fights movement but will eventually loosen up once back to its normal position . .
If anyone is farmilliar with this issue please shed some light on this dark hour of need .
Thank you in advance and here is my email address if you dont mind ..

Again any help would be greatly apprecieated

10/10 by Dutchman01

The 1600mk2/1610mk2 are the sisters of the 1200mk2's, you get professional performance with this mk2 serie.
This beauty contains full automatic features and a double-isolated suspension system.
One damps out vibration from the base, the other from the tonearm and platter.
that's why it does sound out of the box a small bit better than the SL-1200mk2.
To bad those where only in production for 2 years!
I really love my SL-1610mk2 now with an AT-150MLX cartridge added and the RCA leads replaced with those from the SL-1200m5g as these contains 24 carat gold plugs and are beter shielded with OFC copper strands.
You simply can't go wrong with one of those tables.

9/10 by alpigo

Great turntable.
1 drawback is the belt for the arm mechanism which need to be replaced after let say 20 years.
Technical had said my dady turntable is not repairable. But I found the issue = belt. After replacing, OK!

8/10 by gerard104

Bought it secondhand for 80 euro's 3 years ago. fixed the arm return (some solidified 1970's grease) and runs ever since. Great sound !

5/10 by Mike Barrett

Built like a tank, runs like rolls Royce. Very easy to maintain, all opens from the top. If you find a good one get it and hope to outlast anything you have.

10/10 by JAYOLIVER

10/10 by marcel_pancake

10/10 by montelatici

One of the sturdiest turn tables made. Great performance and nice auto mechanism.

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