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Technics SL-1401 Reviews

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Technics SL-1401

Technics SL-1401

8/10 by emulkio

A friend of mine gave me this beautiful TT. This machine had been covered with 2 fingers of dust for almost ten years. Some lovely polishing and now it's almost perfect! It has just a little problem: when I put the arm on first song of every record, this starts not from the beginning of the song, but 2 second later. It seems impossible to put arm differently, there is like a mechanism that helps the listener to position the stylus at the beginning of record, and in the service manual there is anything about there someone that knows how to fix this problem? On the platter, there is only a screw to regulate the end of the record. HELP!

9/10 by sl1411

I own a SL-1411, the same as the 1401 just black. It's magnificent. Not a hitch in 34 years. Recently it was checked by a top end dealer when replacing the cartridge and much to his dismay he found not a single flaw. Me double happy: TT okay and no sales pitch from that guy!

9/10 by slarty54

I use mine with an asak at 1.5 need critical levelling with a digital level?. The resistively sprung suspension is ex and doesn't change when the wind blows!Arm bearings and this tracking are superb, pity no vta adjust oh well, deduct 1, 9/10

10/10 by BertieGuy

Haven't got it yet, bout it over the internet from a second hand dealer. 40 years old. But what I read u about it should be great and it is damn nice looking ! Thats what I call contemporary designing. Like my Mercedes, my Ducati and my wife, they keep on looking good no matter the age....
Great website by the way, helped me a lot buying a turntable. Looked at new, (Pro-ject, Rega, ...) and old (Thorens, ...) Decided to go Technics ... solid, easy and style ...

10/10 by Peter4103

Picked the 1401 up from our local Craigs list for 100 euro. It came with the Benz MC20E2 element and very good needle. Wow...this table simply blows me away! Granted, the element is obviously extremely high end, but the player works so well. Very well build, good speed without any variancy in speed. Everything still works as it was intended. This one is a keeper for sure!

10/10 by cmarti

Hi, what would be the full automatic equivalent of this turntable? My eyes are bad and I can't cope with putting the arm where on the disk correctly.

10/10 by Demort71

I buy and sell vintage Technics turntables, specializing in those made between 1976 and 1981. I have sold over 100 Tech. tables in the last two years, since I started dealing in tables.

I just got my hands on my first SL-1401. It is the first example of the SL-1301/1401 model generation I have owned or heard. Without even servicing it, just setting it up right out of the box, I can tell it is probably Technics' best sounding vintage TT effort. Its sound reproduction is better than say a SL-1600/1700 or a 1300/1400 (not to insinuate those are trash-because they are not). Compared to those models its sound is fuller, more realistic and better defined.

The 1301 and 1401 were only made in 1978 according to what I can find. The 1301/1401 are not to be confused with the ill-fated Mark II versions. The 1301/1401 probably used the better parts/systems of the Mark II tables, but ditched their malfunctioning lift mechanism which proved to be a poor design idea with its belt. Playing the 1401 on a vintage 180W Sony STR-6800SD and a pair of Mission 737R big bookshelf speakers and using a run-of-the mill vintage Audio Technica AT12E cartridge, this table sounds fantastic! It has super clean sound, delivering up everything the original recording has to offer and that the stylus and cart can pull out of the record. I will keep this one for my own private collection! It isn't going up for sale.

BTW I don't mind the hassle of pushing the power button to start the platter spinning. The resulting sound is worth the use of my pointer finger! LOL You can keep your Duals and other brands as this one has nothing to apologize for! I think it is Technics best effort, at least from that time period! What a sound!

8/10 by jfp

Got it on Kijiji for 160 $, direct drive, with Pickering cartridge XV15-625E and stylus D625, to my great surprise it sound better than my Dual 502 with audio technica cartridge and stylus ATN-120E, might have something to do with cartridge and stylus. Nice warm and round sound, just what i'm looking for. Cueing lever is not smooth, you have to be careful and slow, not like the one i'm use to with Dual, the start button is annoying because you have to press it each time you replace to tone arm over the record. Other than that it is solid, heavy and precise, the strobe work's fine too.

10/10 by epessina

I own it since 1977 and still works gloriously !!!

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