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Technics SL-1400 Reviews

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Technics SL-1400

Technics SL-1400

9/10 by cornelis66

I own a SL-1300, but have bought the SL-1400 for a very good price. The SL-1300 is almost the same build except full automatic and the electronic circuit is different. The SL-1300 has six transistors to power up the stator and feedback control by 3 coils. As my SL-1400 was spinning with the speed (that's why bought this one for around 55 US dollars) I couldn't exchange the PCB with the 1300. Second, I wanted to check the stator which is different too so I couldn't exhchange it either. After a while by checking the voltages from the AN630 IC, it seems to be that on pin number 2 the voltage was 0 volts. The regulator emmitor where pin 2 was connected to gave 36 volts. With a simple wire soldered on both pin 2 and the regulator transistor emmitor the spinning problem was history. My SL-1400 runs excellent now, on both speeds! Eventhough the SL-1300 and 1400 have no quartz control I still can enjoy of them. Build as a tank, but sounds amazing. For the prices I had bought them both, I will never exchange them for other turntables. Both TT have Audio Technica's. The SL-1400 has the AT-120E, which sounds very good. On the SL-1300 I have mounted an AT-F3/III low output MC. Connected with a self made Le Pacific MC Pre-Pre & Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 MM Pre-Amp my vinyl sounds better than the digital sources.

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