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Technics SL-1350 Reviews

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Technics SL-1350

Technics SL-1350

10/10 by 0070julie

We had this table for as long as I can remember. I now own it and it still works like a charm. Spindle stacker is awesome for 45's. It is a work horse, it has lived troughout my 70's délicatesse and my 80's teenager years ! :D

9/10 by rabbitoioi

this is a solid turntable with rock solid technics direct drive. I prefer it to the modern entry level offerings from pro-ject, rega etc, and sound quality is on par. the full auto features are so much easier than changing a pulley, and I use the 45 stacking spindle to play 45's. I don't ever use the lp spindle (don't want to beat up the lp's). I'll take off a star because the plinth and overall build is not as solid as a 1200, no arm height adjustment, and more sensitive to outside vibrations than modern heavy acrylic.

9/10 by tiecode

Picked this up for a song due to the original owner not knowing what they had. Doe not have the stacking spindles, but this blows away my wife's SL-5.

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