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Technics SL-1310 Reviews

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Technics SL-1310

Technics SL-1310

10/10 by ZoKtorR

Review date May 14 2019. My SL-1310 (which is the same as the SL-1300 but dark grey colored) was originally bought by my parents in the late '70s. After installing a AT 440Mlb cartridge, I discovered how great this TT can be. Very stable, no audible wow and flutter, runs absolutely silent. I'm playing it through a Kenwood KR-5400, which seems to be a great combination.

I've done a bit of service to it - renewing the grease, cleaning the pots, oiling the spindle - and it's just like new. Nowadays the SL-1200 is all you hear about, but I wouldn't change this one for anything. It's so beautiful and solid. Plus it's fully automatic!

9/10 by marksiladi

Ive had a renovated model of this for several years now and it performs very well indeed. Ive just added an ortofon blue cartridge and it is playing very sweetly!

10/10 by Haurusnik

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