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Technics SL-1301 Reviews

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Technics SL-1301

Technics SL-1301

10/10 by Billnelson

I am lucky to have a Technics 1301 that I’ve had for over 35 years. It’s been in storage for the last 30 years. I dug it out, installed a new stylus for my Sure V15 Tyoe lV and it sounds great. I checked the speed accuracy with my RPM app, and it’s more accurate than my new Rega P3 Turntable. I have thoughts of selling it; however, I’m reluctant to because I will never find another one.

10/10 by Mylene2006

I consider myself very fortunate to aquire a nearly mint version of this uncommon turntable. It weighs 20 pounds, is as well built as any of the SL1XXX line, possibly better because it has no cuing issues and has a very similar tonearm as the SL1200 mkII. Cosmetically it's a stunner. I'm using an Ortifon 2m Blue and it sounds incredible good. It's easy to open up and service if needed too. I had to get to the speed control buttons as they were frozen in place when I received this from Goodwill, the downloadable service manual provided by this incredible site, made the task much easier and less of a nail biter! ( Anyone purchasing a 40 year old turntable must not be fearful of servicing their aquisition) Something uncommon on this model (as well as the 1401 too) is the absence of stobe marks along the visible perimeter of the platter. They are hidden on the underside, visible through a small mirror and viewing port on the plinth...reminds me of the high end Denons.. no controls to adjust pitch as these are quartz locked, the only purpose of the stobe is to assure the operator that the speed is rock steady. I'm sure any vinyl enthusiast would consider himself ( or herself), more than extremely fortunate to find a functioning well cared for example of either the 1301 or 1401 tables as these were only produced for one year only. (1978). PS...the fully automatic function of this model makes playing vinyls a pleasure!

10/10 by Peter4103

One of the best Technics TT around. Quality build all around and amazing sound!

8/10 by cold

9/10 by musicmn

Excellent turntable very heavy plinth and good suspension makes all my records sound great.

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