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Technics SL-1300 Reviews

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Technics SL-1300

Technics SL-1300

10/10 by ZoKtorR

I have a SL-1310 (anthracite version) which my parents bought originally, and it's absolutely fantastic. I've yet to find a reason why the 1300/1310 should not be as great as the SL-1200's. Built like a concrete bunker and with a design and engineering that's hard to surpass. Also, it just doesn't look like it's from the '70s, it looks so modern.

9/10 by jdhorn1

Just fixed the cue issue on my 1300 MK II with the Shapeway 3D printed gear. Now fully auto & lift functions. Excellent table now. like having an SL-1200 with auto feature. Can only give it a 9 because of the lift issue, though.

5/10 by Djack16

I still have the Technics 1300 I bought in 1975. It works and sounds great. Of course I've taken very good care of it over the years.

8/10 by kkm67

Build like a tank, give it a Ortofon 2M bronze or black and you are in heaven...

9/10 by POPIMAX

years and years of impeccable service and, above all, without maintenance.

8/10 by flammaster

I have one that I bought used. it's a great sounding deck. I like to use a Stanton 681 with shibata or a Shure M-75 HE.
I love that you can pull the lever and it loads automatically or use the cue arm for a manual drop. Auto return means you can doze on the couch and not have to get up. I really like this one. I'm sure there are better so 8 out of 10.

10/10 by Flem_k

My SL-1300MK2 is in a very good condition, except that the arm will not lift when I use the lift. What's wrong? I think it's something with a leak in the device that sits between the lift and the lift ..? If.. it it then oil or air it uses? Is this something you can repair yourself?
I will be very happy if someone can help me.

8/10 by Ljud Ankan

The 1300 is the first run series without dubble floating chassis and suspenscion. The motor is a little bit weaker than than the models presented in the next series as eg SL 1710
But it's a very rare record player and worth being a collecteble item

9/10 by skeer

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