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Technics SL-1210 Reviews

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Technics SL-1210

Technics SL-1210

10/10 by chefducuisine

You can't go wrong with one of these.
Beside two SP-10mk2 and a SL-110 I still own my first 1200mk2 from the mid 80s as well as a 1210 Mk5 from 2003. Guess what: They simply work - not a single failure in all these years... An engineering masterpiece made to last!

10/10 by CENTRAL

I managed to find an SL-1200 MkII second hand in pristine condition as close to brand new as possible. Seller said he got it in the hype back in 1996 but soon he converted to the comfort of a cd player and left this marvel untouched in a shelf.
Mounted a Stanton 681 EEE mkII cart with a well used Stereohedron stylus and it plays seriously well... It is dead quiet and the pitch stability is impressive!
Compared to a previous Rega it lacks the coloration (one has to decide if he wants his soup salty or straight), it is more detailed but less forgiving with poor material. Bad recordings sound just like that BAD! Good recordings on the other hand are very, very impressive!!!

My seven year old son commented that this looks so sexy and modern!!! Yeah right! Cudos Technics for designing this beauty back in 1979!!!

I' m left wondering what this music machine can deliver if upgraded - nothing fancy, better grade cabling and a new Jico Shibata stylus...

As another owner said, I should have gotten this table much - much earlier...

10/10 by wallix

Started on the 1200's early 90's... DJ'd right through the 90's playing on them. Bought a pair of mk5g's early 2000 and gave them back within a week because of the rubbish digital pitch controls...couldn't perform Flanging tricks as clearly with two of the same records playing the same tunes without sounding digital because the digital controls kept on hunting...very annoying... Found a pair of second hand SL-1210MK2's early 2000. Analog pitch control with the zero indent. I'm still in love with them to this day...2017. One is part of a Hi-Fi setup now and the other in the studio. The best things since sliced bread! Thank you vinylengine for setting this up and sharing all this info. So very thankful.

10/10 by tjs129

The majestic daddy of DJ turntables - the Technics SL-1210, with all it's 1200 and mk3 & 5 spin-offs - if you'll pardon the pun..

This is a phenomenon of modern design, which has remained the same since it's inception in the late 70s and has never been bettered for all round performance, quality and reliability.

Of course, the original was discontinued a few years back then replaced with a newer version at an inflated price - which is likely to be an inferior product anyway.

The whole reason these dominated the vinyl deejaying era was that Technics created them in an era when demand was strong for such a high quality turntable for the professional market.

Having made their money for Technics, they continued to sell to the DJ market throughout the CD era, with Technics using the same tooling they had from day one - meaning no competing manufacturer could produce a table of similar quality and hope to get sufficient returns to justify the costs involved.

Often imitated but never bettered, these are still king in the world of deejaying vinyl.

There were a few versions, and they didn't vary much - which is no bad thing. The versions with no zero indent on the pitch faders are probably the best, but give the m5g a miss since it uses a digital pitch control - which is inferior to the technology which accidentally gave us this beautiful mixing machine to begin with.

Though these are incredibly robust, many examples have seen very hard lives. When buying second hand, check the torque is still strong on the motors, and for play in all the tonearm bearings. Make sure the headshell is a tight fit, and that there is no obvious misalignment that might indicate that the tonearm is bent. Cables and earth leads can be replaced but it is quite difficult, and damage to these items is common. Also, ensure the tonearm weight is moving correctly and the threads are not damaged.

Sadly these are no longer as common as they used to be, and since being discontinued they are not cheap - but buying a good pair represents an investment. My mk3s have doubled in value over the past 5 years!

10/10 by sdar120

I bought my Technics SL-1200MK2 in 1986. Am I ever glad that I did buy it. One can take an SL-1200MK2 out of the disco and put a 4 figure cartridge in the head shell. What comes out of the loudspeakers is the sound of music itself. This unit is as quiet as a church mouse.

You simply can not go wrong with the SL-1200MK2.

8/10 by tdogzthmn

A turntable Icon for the ages. There might be better sounding tables for a lot more money but the Technics 1210 is an incredibly well-designed and robust turntable that is packed with all the right features.

9/10 by divali

Very capable belt driven turntable. Will sound very good whatever setup is used. The only drawback I found was the headshell cartridge arrangement. It has a minute grub screw that has to be loosened and the pickup arm will release the cartridge and its mounting plate, which is important because without that the cartridge cannot be mounted. But that is the only setback with the Dual 505. I have had three and passed them on to very satisfied friends after upgrading to a Thorens 150. They Can be picked up very reasonably on Ebay.

9/10 by Electone

At the very least, the pleasure that comes from operating a 1200mk2 is the from the quality of build and precision of operation. Be aware that although they are known for being built like tanks, they are not as bullet-proof as their legacy may suggest. The IC chips can die and this can result in a non-spinning, crazy-spinning, or backwards spinning platter. AN6675 and AN6680 are most likely the culprit.

10/10 by loroxo

With joy and easy to use, solid classic modern turntable. Unfortunately out of production. Want you experimenting and change your cartridge every month? Do it within 5 minutes. The (not so high rated) tonarme is vertically adjustable (while the SL is playing!), the bearing moves balanced with a small blow of your breath. SME- Headshell is exchangeable. Take a close look and compare to the so called high end tonearms...
Assuredly you read or have heard about the direct drives: Nerveous, jittery playing always hunting for the right speed (so the preconception).
This is a myth the opposite ist true, I can honestly advise to lose one's self-consciousness and try it for yourself.
Buy on, before the price rise up to the clouds.

10/10 by Jason_Vanrell

I remember the days well when DD tables were all being put into the same category by audiophiles, (in that all DDs were junk, including the technics). Just one of many audiophile myths that persist for some time. Understanding the engineering and economic aspects quite well, I pretty much could tell most of this was myth and decided to sell my never the right speed Rega P2, and bought a used Technics 1600. My understanding of the technology was correct, and never went back to belt drive tables.

I since have purchased a 1200, (that was 10 years ago), and have no need for some $10k piece of overweight jewelery.

This table gets a 20/10 in my book.

10/10 by dutz57

I bought my Technics SL 1210 right at the end of production. I paid too much here in Australia but I certainly do not regret it. My old Rega Planar II was having issues with drifting speed so I bought a direct drive as a replacement. What a rock solid unit! The Technics SL 1210 is so easy to use and sounds pretty fine as well. As other reviewrs have mentioned, it just works!!

6/10 by richard37

I'm glad that vestax and technics are that wanted, , it's a gold mine. So many peoples have no idea , especially with vestaxes, how much peoples pay for it.The funpart is that the vesta pdx 3000mix per

10/10 by sound of the valves

It was the late 1979 when the MAGIC were created.No one in the hifi history has made better than Technics with this amazing turntable:without any doubts the sl 1210/1200 is the unsurpassed masterpiece of all time.And i know what i'm sayin':i'm not a dee j,but i'm a hifi listener as many other.I've listened many hifi equipment,but no one of them creates the MAGIC that the 1210 does.Direct drive has it's best,amazing look and sound,solid and indestructible sound machine.The best turntable of all time!

9/10 by alionida

Great value!

10/10 by Willem54

Everything has already been told about them. I have restored one that was so abused they put it near a dust bin on the side walk. No platter, broken tone arm, missing start/stop button and no rubber mat. But miraculously it still had its cover, cracked but protected it in such a way the rain didn't harm its electronics, it still had all of it inside. So I took it with me, cleaned it and put one of my own platters on it and quess what? It powered up and started spinning as if it was new! So I replaced the top, the 4 feet that were worn, the tone arm with a brand new one, brand new platter and original rubber mat, if fact everything that needed to be replaced. It now plays again, side by side with another one. Equipped with Audio Technica's AT440MLa's and connected to a mixer thats feeds into a Luxman amp. Two B&W DM7 Mk1's fill the room with sounds that sound like sound coming from records should sound. The one I restored has never failed ever since. It surely will outlive us no doubt. I'd give the design 40 out of 10.

10/10 by maseratimark001

Rock solid build quality and a selection of carefully positioned LED's that make cueing up a record an event (and a lot easier in the semi dark of old age!). I have an SL1800 as a kid and always regretted letting it go so when the vinyl revolution came my way I sourced a second hand one for £160 on Ebay and ended up with this mint little beauty. I am sure that there are many other decks out there that tick the audiofile box more avidly but this is a feel good piece of kit that fills you with confidence. Built to survive anything, so far more suited to normal use in a real household. It just does the job and does it well.

10/10 by VincenzoBCA

Great Q/P ratio and very dynamic and accurate player. A little masterpiece!

10/10 by merlin1959

Purchased mine listed as used in home only, lid had few marks but sourced a new one. Got new mat, cart jig, headshell weight, and it now has all its items when it was originally sold new. Best turntable i have ever had, wanted one when they were first released as a high end home turntable but just never got round to it. My grandson says my records sound better than cd`s ( not difficult ) Had several tradesmen pass remarks about the soundstage and want to get one....but they cant have mine. Might have cost me £350 but it was money well spent. Had a Dual 5052, Ariston Qdeck and various others but none compare to the build and sound quality of the 1210. Fitted with a AT120e, though have experimented with other carts and even have a pro s for some old scratched 45`s ( on advice from an experienced source ). Read reviews on other carts but its a learning circle, everyones hearing is different so experiment with various ones until you are happy. Have even toyed with the idea of getting an Origin Live tonearm fitted but need to be convinced through listening before shelling out the readies.

10/10 by bedfordprojectuser

Moved into a new house and found two mint condition SL1200 MkII in a cupboard under the stairs. Both fitted with Ortofon Concorde DJ carts and both sound amazing. No longer use my Project Debut at all as the sound is so much better. Clarity, accuracy, amazing control. I seldom listen to CDs any more and have rediscovered records I had almost forgotten about and hear things I never heard previously.

10/10 by tomez2

I have had mine (MKII) since he early 90's. Paid $169.00 at the base PX. just because it was on clearance. I had no idea at the time of purchase of the reputation. Just needed a table to replace a crappy JVC P-Mount that quit working (ignorance is bliss). Hell, I was even disappointed it was a manual. I mounted a $19.00 Grado zt+ and discovered sonic bliss! This table turned me into an audiophile!!!!! I currently have the same table (like new, and not one hint of trouble) fitted with a Denon DL-301mkII...... a match made in heaven!!!!!! I have NEVER felt the need to upgrade. The only mod performed is the addition of a Jelco Headshell for 301, but I still have the Grado (new stylus of course) in the original headshell. I like the arm for it's easy adjustment, and the ease of cart rolling).

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