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Technics SL-1200G Reviews

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Technics SL-1200G

Technics SL-1200G

10/10 by mo-tech

True high end meeting practical function and usability. This rather rare combination among the high-end of turntables has been embedded into SL-1200G that separates this model from the rest.

Do not be fooled by the design similarity with the common SL-1200 series - there's almost no G parts from the other players other than the dust cover, arm lift button and start/stop button. Everything else is designed from scratch with only one purpose in mind - sound quality. I couldn't believe how clean and deep the sound stage the G has, IMHO the G beats every SL-1200 I've encountered, even the highly modified ones hands down. But as with the SL-1200s, it's about how easy it is to set up and most of all - how easy it is to use it. It's a tried and tested DJ-refined effective usage method evolved from 70s to today in SL-series that were designed to ease-of-use for all vinyl formats (7/EP, 10, 12) in mind. But as said, the big difference is where the G puts the historic high-end touch to this, a much deserved and a fitting result to a supposedly just a DJ turntable criticism the SL-1200 series usually receives. The SL-1200G (AE) is the epitome of all Technics SL-1200s, G is made to rule them all and many, many more.

As expected, the build quality is utmost excellent, it can take a beating and excessive usage but interestingly while it's built like a tank it performs the finest subtlest details of music representation like a Picasso in painting - down to the smallest ones it draws them all out in style. It holds up well with turntables costing twice or even four times as much and while they are nowhere near as easy and effective to use as the G is. There's just so many aspects of the G that it probably makes it the last turntable I'll ever own.

It's worth the price in every last penny if you ask me. Technics SL-1200G is one of those rare machines that surpass it's cost in the quality you get by a country mile.

10/10 by DrMike

A truly high end deck at a bargain audiophile price.
Want pitch stability, vanishingly low rumble, perfect timing, realistic leading edge attack, silent sound stage, the ability to show off differences between megabuck cartridges and phonostages for a deck less than £3k? Let alone the ability to drop a magazine onto the deck from 3 feet above without it skipping a beat (lid down of course), then it is a no brainer. Let alone the fact that it will probably see out the next century!
If you can afford one buy one.
Upgrades: possibly a better headshell and mains lead. That’s it!

7/10 by Shibataman

I absolutely love this deck with one exception. The arm height adjustment is not properly calibrated before leaving the factory, requiring a thicker than normal turntable mat to be used. I use the original SL1200 mat, and for most Audio Technica cartridges, the height must be set to zero when using the thicker mat. If the original mat is used, the arm will not adjust low enough to accommodate the cartridge. Using a mat like the FunkFirm will work also, however the center spindle becomes too short for the clamp to work properly. Contacting Technics to explain the issue is also futile. After the warranty expires, I will remove the Tonearm, remove the locking lever, and lower the arm myself.

10/10 by gykl3344

A completely redesigned SL1200G that taking advantages of modern engineering and technologies. With excellent workmanship, precision engineering and technologies break throughs.
It stands apart from those many many TT solely rely on heavy masses for speed stability and vibration damping.
Regarding its sound, accuracy in speed, dynamics, resolution, wide soundstage and background quietness combining with user friendlyness easy to set up, I recommend anyone who are looking for a turntable at this price range must give it a try.

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