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Technics SL-120 Reviews

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Technics SL-120

Technics SL-120

9/10 by fredysilva

I bought a SL120 in about six months, put an insulation and anti-vibration screen inside, and installed a Rega RB 250 with a sorbotane gasket made by me with an AT 30E.
It had the broken cover so I installed the Rega P3 cover I had in the house with an aluminum rail.
I'm really enjoying the result

10/10 by abclar

I have owned my Technics SL-120 for over 40 years. It has an SME 3009 tonearm with a fixed headshell, housing a Shure V15 Type IV cart with a Shure VN45MR HED stylus.

I break all the rules with this rig by placing it on top of one of my Tannoy HPD385 monitor speakers. So I agree with bane_m and sylvain999 that it is sensitive to mechanical feedback and would therefore benefit from isolation. In fact, any turntable will benefit from not being in contact with any disruptive force and, short of pouring a concrete slab and that is isolated from the rest of the foundations of your house, you're likely to run into either acoustic or vibrational feedback problems when you wind the wick up sufficiently for that to eventually happen.

I have had some success with placing a marble slab between turntable and speaker cabinet. The sandwich of dissimilar material densities helps reduce standing wave which assists with reducing feedback. More recently, I have found that placing some Acoustica Quietwave membrane under the marble and under the feet of the turntable have helped isolate feedback much further, to the point where I can play heavy, bass-rich rock music at surprisingly loud levels without any rumble or feedback.

My SL-120 also has a custom-built RIAA preamp inside. This is a Heathkit version of the Amcron RIAA preamp which is ideally suited to my cartridge and speaker combination. I recently changed my amplifier to a current version Cyrus ONE which has a very good RIAA preamp stage, so I modified the output from the turntable to allow switchable selection for the preamp stage.

There is much to like about this turntable and, as with other reviewers, I agree that this turntable is built like a battleship. It has certainly stood the test of time far and beyond what one might expect and I would be reluctant to replace it with anything else... ever!

10/10 by bane_m

I bought one three years ago. I have serial number 1300 (+/-). Although one of the first made, it is built exceptionally well - like a tank! With oiling a motor from time to time and replacing SME 3009 oil, together with recap of smoothing caps only (because it was not holding a speed), it runs just as the first day. And it sounds great even though it is 42 years old! I agree with previous comments - it requires some good isolation but it is not critical as for most other turntables. On mine, I am using either AT-440Mla or DL-110 (I prefer DL-110 way more than AT).

7/10 by sylvain999

The stock 1200 sounds more fluid and lively than a stock 1200 MK2 to MG5. It is sensible to rumble and vibration. That is easily tweakable by damping the aluminium body inside with a product called cold shrink or the like, and putting a few 2mm. kork pucks between the motor and the platter.Could also use some isolation under the stock feet and a bag of dry sand to damp the bottom cover and get a couple more Db of isolation. Just as sturdy as the newer 1200MK2 and easier to modify. And just fine lookin too.

8/10 by Billy64

Very heavy platter & powerful motor with amazing build quality. Rather beautiful too. It will need reasonable isolation. I have unscrewed the feet and put rubberized cork pads between the feet & chasis. Running with an ADC LMF-2 & an Ortofon Quasar moving Coil through Quad 34 MC Quad 405/2 and it sounds so natural & fluid. I can listen to this set up all day long. Also works very well with the SME 3009 arm & a Ortofon VMS 20e or Shure V15/3.

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