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Technics SL-1100 Reviews

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Technics SL-1100

Technics SL-1100

10/10 by craveman2

A monster of a deck and weight to match and the daddy that started off the classic 1200s & 1210s. A cult classic and grab one if you can find a decent example. The EPA-110 tone arm is typical of Technics 70s in your face design and its completely outlandish styling but it works a treat. Runs silently after nearly 43 years and im proud to have this one in my collection and its used daily. Prices are continuing to climb for well cared for examples and expect to pay at least £500+ for a good one. Timeless Classic

10/10 by chefducuisine

I got lucky and bought this deck 4 years ago in excellent condition. Since then a lot of competitors came and had to leave... I favour well constructed DD - decks like
this one as it is an incredible turntable as long as you combine it with an arm that can compete with it's quality.

I got a few extra armboards made out of zebrano wood. Currently the different boards are equipped with:
- Audio Technica AT-1005 MkII
- Audio Technica AT-1010
- Rega RB-300 modded with Groezinger inner cabling, FAG bearings, Mitchell Tecnoweight and height adjuster
- SME Series III

My clear favourites are the Audio Technica arms on this deck. They put the SME Series III to shame, both built and sound wise.
Unfortunately no one makes turntables like the SL-110 anymore, subsequently the prices for these decks are going through the roof lately.

5/10 by dj_sugarr

love the look ...well build but sound ok-ish..i paid $400 for mine put brand new sure audiophile cartrige did about 100 hours sounded very blah...than i upgraded cartrige a bit better still not very good...bought very nice conecting cable to eliminate some noice ...sound still just ok...for the money i would go with denon or bang and olufsen ...much nicer sounding tables

9/10 by sylvain999

IMO, this is the best of SL or SL MK2 series and i have owned them all. It already sounds good just stock with the stock arm but it is endlessly and easily tweakable to get the most it. Very good looking and sturdy deck. You would have to spend more than 1000$ on a new TT in 2014 money to find a better TT .

9/10 by anmpr1

In the context of 1975 this was a very desirable unit. I have one that is still going strong after 38 years. The drive is not as steady (no quartz) as later units, but I challenge anyone to hear any speed difference between the servo and a quartz PLL. Torque is not as strong as the newer and erstwhile SL-1200 Mk 2-5, and the base is not as well damped, internally. The strobe is manual and does not stay on unless you push the button. God knows what a modern day implementation of something like this would cost. Inflation corrected (2012) this would sell for about $1500.00.

9/10 by tomh

As I understand it, this was the first Panasonic direct drive table with an associated arm. The table uses analog vs. digital table stabilization, weighs in close to 13 kg, 32 lbs. The table is built on a massive aluminum die cast base and plinth. The arm board is also die cast. I've listened to this arm and table combination in direct comparison to some excellent tables, Linn, AR, others. In hindsight, I'm a bit embarrassed by my early bias toward belt drive designs. As I've aged, I've grown to believe that belt, direct and idler drives can all be excellent, if well engineered, and built with quality in mind and integrity. This table, 1100a, does seem to perform better than later model integrated Technics. My guess is the later products has a bit less, mass, lower quality and perhaps the control systems moving from analog feedback to digital clocking could have had an impact. Highly recommended table.

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