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Technics SL-110 Reviews

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Technics SL-110

Technics SL-110

8/10 by cockey

I purchased my SL-110 probably 15 years ago now. It carries the SME 3009S2 with Shure V15 cartridge. For pure presence they are few decks that come close to the SL-110. The entire set-up is absolutely first class with sound to match. It definitely does require a suitable 'top drawer' amp to get the most out of it though!

10/10 by chefducuisine

I got lucky and bought this deck 4 years ago in excellent condition. Since then a lot of competitors came and had to leave... I favour well constructed DD - decks like
this one as it is an incredible turntable as long as you combine it with an arm that can compete with it's quality.

I got a few extra armboards made out of zebrano wood. Currently the different boards are equipped with:
- Audio Technica AT-1005 MkII
- Audio Technica AT-1010
- Rega RB-300 modded with Groezinger inner cabling, FAG bearings, Mitchell Tecnoweight and height adjuster
- SME Series III

My clear favourites are the Audio Technica arms on this deck. They put the SME Series III to shame, both built and sound wise.
Unfortunately no one makes turntables like the SL-110 anymore, subsequently the prices for these decks are going through the roof lately.

10/10 by soldierboy001

I bought one of these when they first came out can't remember the year but I was in the army at the time and purchased it from NAFFI via the American PX in Germany and also fitted it with an SME 3009 and also purchased some pioneer hinges to make the lid hinged.
Nice to see that DJ's today use this after so many years. Unfortunately I don't still have it but sold it on about 20 years ago for the same price I bought it for so just lost the value of inflation on the deal.

9/10 by congole

'was lucky to get a very well preserved SL110 with an SME3009R. It replaced a Revolver SEE with its (ADC OEM) tonearm. I moved my SUMIKO BluePoint (original) from SEE to SL110 and was astonished to find out that the sound quality went min 2-3 steps up! 'Friends we now able to easily and clearly hear the advantages of analogue over digital source :)
I am aware there are better devices, but for the price paid for this was a steal ... and bringing that smile to my face when listening - priceless!

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