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Technics SL-10 Reviews

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Technics SL-10

Technics SL-10

9/10 by Auxiliary

SL-10 is a solid performer and a real full quality hifi-equipment despite the half-size. This one must be taken seriously. Pity though that no one is any more manufacturing cartriges that this one deserves. The old MC310/305 P-mount cartridges are hard, or impossible find anymore - not to mention the excellent 205-version MM styli.

10/10 by adamgdansk

It is amazing turntable. Due to easiness of use plus pure joy plus look plus - oh yes! - SOUND. Just make sure it is in good condition and do not be cheap (get EPC310 cartridge). You will be amazed and probably will not look further for other turntable (unless you want to spend several times more to get sound improvement!)

9/10 by coastguarder

This is an incredibly well built and easy to use turntable. With just a minimal amount of maintenance, the Technics SL-10 will deliver excellent service for decades. I've had mine for over ten years and aside from a little lube and a replacement band for the tonearm it has continued to work flawlessly. The table is very heavy, but that is because they have packed a high end player into a package only slightly larger than an LP record album cover. Admittedly it's much thicker than a record sleeve, but not much wider or longer. It can be operated in an upright position, or laid flat on a shelf. In fact the player will operate upside down if you so desire. The soft touch single button operation is the very epitome of simplicity to use which certainly takes some of the worry having a less careful friend or spouse operate it. My seven year old son has no difficulty putting a record on without dropping the stylus too hard or bouncing the arm across the record. Finally, the sound quality from a decent cartridge is quiet and unobtrusive. The table adds very little colour to the sound coming off your records. If you get the oportunity to pick one of these up, go for it.

10/10 by 99thDimension

Of all the high end turn tables I have this one is connected to my main system and has been since 2010. Beats digital playback with pure drive and rhythm all time favorite turntable.

10/10 by Lymbo90

Amazed with this turntable and the sound it produces. I have two SL-7's as well but the SL-10 sounds better. I don't know if it's due the heavier lid or if it's the tonearm. I'm leaning towards the tonearm. Both of my SL-7's produce a very light thumping sound between tracks and during quiet passages. The SL-10 doesn't do this. I also like the fact that I can choose what kind of RCA interconnects I want to use. This is a solid turntable and most definitely a keeper.

10/10 by ubuntubwoy

A brilliant turntable all round - I was very lucky to find a serviced one on eBay a couple of years ago and I haven't looked back, the build and the sound quality amazes me.

7/10 by gator.swamp

Found at a thrift shop for $8. Complete with the Technics MC310.

The reason for a lower rating is due to the difficulty of repair.

Unlike the SL-7 with the same specs but without a few buttons the SL10 has all its control buttons in the lid.

Problems arise when trying to re-route the numerous wires through the lid and through the hinge area after repairs.

Used it for a while but the wiring got intermittent.

Sold it for $125 and kept the Technics MC310

10/10 by oldtechie

this aint no toy,its a component that will turn you back on to vinyl i a big way,from the mc 310 moving coil cartridge to the built in preamp this is one awsome table withsound to keep you invovled in vinyl

9/10 by chapel

Solid, clean sounding and easy to use player. Surprisingly heavy too.
I have very springy floors and it's mounted on a not very stable media tower and I have a heavy footed dancing kid... and it doesn't skip at ALL.

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