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TEAC TN-300 Reviews

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Teac TN-300

Teac TN-300

8/10 by sanvara

The above reviews are outdated. There are now replacement headshells available and you can use higher end MC cartridges. I'm using a Denon DL-110 and the Teac-300 sounds great with it. The Teac-300 has been on closeout prices lately and I paid paid less than $200 on Ebay and it's been an incredible value for the price.

9/10 by Mike011

As step up from entry level tables, this unit shows solid build with aluminum arm and plate, with well designed anti-vibration stand/feet, and internal grounding....AT-95e is a good match for this unit and it extracts good levels of bass, mids and highs...If setup with proper 2.0g downforce and slight anti-skating tuning, it tracks accuratelly and is tolerant to
older/used vinyl...When walking around at high volumes doesn't seem to transfer much thumps to speakers which I've found to be quite nice for the price of this deck, that overall sounds really good for the money...My setup is Teac Distinction Integrated amp AI-3000 and Martin Logan ESL's...This combo did reveal some minor faults and oscilations in reproducing deeper bass tones and certain highs, but again in this price I really consider them to be minor in
nature...Anyone looking to get great performance for less should give this table an audition...

9/10 by rickb26

The first thing that you notice is that this turntable is a work of art. It comes in 5 colors, black, white, red, white and cherry. The components are made from bright shinny aluminum. It has two speed 45 and 33 and anti skate. It is belt driven. It comes with an audio-technica AT95E VM cartridge stylus, which while not expensive is adequate. It has an on/off switch on the top, and an off/standby switch on the back, it also has a USB port on back. It comes with the standard RCA cables, and a 45 RPM adapter. Some reviews that I have read consider this an entry level turntable but at a MSRP of $399.00, I think those reviews are incorrect. While it does lack an automatic return.( the Teac 350 model is available if you think you need automatic return.) This turntable also has a preamp which can be by-passed. It sounds great, but how good it sounds will depend on your speakers, and receiver/amplifier. I have found it listed as low as $320 but the average price seems to be $349. I am very partial to Teac stereo equipment, but must say, as nice as this looks and sounds there is a serious setback to ownership. Initially, you will not have any problems with this turntable, but I would recommend you purchase as many spare audio-technica AT95E VM cartridges as you can afford. This turntable will likely work with other cartridges, but as long as you don't need a new headshell I would stick with the original cartridge. There may be a time however when the headshell needs to be replace, at the time of this writing no replacements are available. Denon does have a headshell that might work, but this tonearm is actually too long for the Denon headshell. Contacting Teac produced no results, they don't answer their phones, and they did not respond to my emails. Honestly, if I had it to do over again, as much as I like this turntable and knowing what I know now, I would not have purchased it. While it makes no difference in the sound quality, finding a headshell for a straight arm is next to impossible. Teac should either make available a spare head shell or advise the customer were one can be purchased but until they do I would recommend against purchase of this turntable.

7/10 by francs

I bought this turntable from Crutchfield at $399.
Is very good looking, but have severe limitations, First is the maximum usable weight of the cart is far too low (2.5g), bigger cart or high-end MC cannot be used, the counterweight is insufficient,Second is the fact that there are no TEAC head-shell available, You can use the Denon angled though, third the tonearm is not adjustable. But if you intend to use it with the the AT cart that came with it, is a beautiful pice that works fine.

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