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Systemdek Transcription Reviews

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Systemdek Transcription

Systemdek Transcription

8/10 by shaunballinger

This is a top line turntable with heavy platter and fine suspension...better than the 900x types which sells for more. The only let down is the nextel paint but sound quality is up in the top league if given a suitable tonearm. Buy one without an arm for nearly nothing and fit a rega arm and you have a high end turntable for about 250 of the hifi bargains of the moment if you can live with the nextel looks.

10/10 by BrianVoce

I'll let the words of my son (a musician with quite a bit of recording and mixing experience) say all that needs to be said, Dad it's like an open window...I'm hearing things I never heard before.

Tip top, and up with the best turntables made today.

10/10 by peanuts

Have had this deck from new and is a natural partner for the PU2 arm where together they are a formidable opponent to all - the width, depth, detail and colour of information is amazing with either the Linn K18 or Denon DL103D on board.

10/10 by slawts

Superb deck up to modern day standards. A lot more precise than a Linn. Mates well with Mission 774 arm. It has big wide soundstage and when correctly set up good dynamics with loads of detail.

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