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Systemdek IIX Reviews

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Systemdek IIX

Systemdek IIX

9/10 by TrevorCPeacock

I have owned for about 30 years my Systemdek IIX LVX BASIK plus K9. Occasionally I swap the K9 for an A & R P7. Great tt. Balance the deck and make sure everything is level. Use a cartridge and arm protractor to make sure all is correct. I thought after 30 years I should change the oil and check the bearing. BUT it makes no noise and runs for ages if you turn it with the belt removed. If it ain't broke don't fix it

10/10 by journeymanj

I have two IIx (teardrop arm board type). A Black Ash and a Walnut (I think).
As supplied with a Moth/Rega RB250 arm it made my contemporary Rega Planar 3 RB300 sound poor, opened up the soundstage and gave some real bass.
Its a good deck, I have altered one, an Audionote acrylic platter, the sub-platter was drilled and tapped M3 at 120° intervals, M3 spiked grubscrews wound in to just lift the platter slightly from the sub-platter a new 31813 motor, a 4mm thick light alloy armboard, a DIY armageddon power supply wound for 65V output, the Origin Live RB250 stub and weight, Michell VTA adjuster, internal re-wire with silk covered siver plated litz wire, Michell cartridge tags, VDH 501 cable, Deltron Phono plugs, clean ep90 GL4 gear oil in the bearing and a load of nitrile rubber o-rings around the motor and main bearing.
Bloody marvellous! Makes my standard contemporary Linn Sondek sound poor. I would reccomend this over a Rega planar 3, to anyone wanting a relatively cheap deck to play with.

9/10 by misterdonlucas

Dear audiophile brothers - I wonder if someone may be able to shed some light.

I was lucky enough to pick one of these babies (Systemdex IIX) in absolute NM condition.

Prior to collection I had to find what size TRANSPORT SCREW (apparently only one needed) it takes. (which according to our kind friends at AudioNote here in the UK are suppposed to be M4 By 30).


1) Correct screw size? It didn't quite tight-thread into the hole to the right of the platter. It sort of went in almost unaided. IS THIS SUPPPOSED TO BE SO? Was i 'inserting' the screw in the CORRECT HOLE?

2) In taking extra care, as a last minute decision I had to pay for a taxi for a 60 mile ride, to get baby home safe. Wrapped it up in bubblewrap , no box, and had it on my winter jacket, on my legs for the duration. I WAS VERY CAREFUL BUT THERE WAS STILL SOME JOLTING AND ROCKING IN THE CAR. I Could hear the inside mechanism move a bit at times.

DO YOU THINK THAT, DESPITE ALL CARE TAKEN IT WILL HAVE SUSTAINED DAMAGE OF SOME SORT? IMF SO WHAT KIND OF THING SHOULD I BE LOOKING AT? or does it really need proper maltreatment for bad things to happen? In other words how sensitive is it? The movement it went through was minimal. 3-4 on a scale of 1-10 , and a couple of , brief jolts at maybe a 7 on the same scale. In any event, why could i still hear the inside move when i had inserted the transit screw prior to transporting it?

I am so happy for having it here now and would be grateful for any advise or peace of mind.

9/10 by fj2525vl

great underrated tt out of UK but it is an excellent secret audiophile !!

10/10 by turntableguru

One of the FINEST turntables ever made. Mine came with a Profile arm, and I have had the S and straight variants. Ive used an SME Arm, and others. Simply a favorite. I find it very similar sonically to my Linn Sondek LP-12, and so much more listenable than my Rega 3. I have no complaint about this splendid deck, other than I wish I could find one in the Oak tone. These go on ebay relatively cheap, and compared to the Japanese marks like the CEC made Marantz, Luxman and better Pioneers is absolutely mind boggling no brainer.

7/10 by allanpedersen

Have the model with teardrop shaped armboard. Bought it used in original condition, though the cover for the underside of it was removed to avoid feedback from speakers. Its fitted with a Rega 300 arm, which seems to be a popular combo. So I wanted to tweek it and make sure everything was as good as could be: adjusted the suspension from the bottom side by twisting the springs to make sure it bounced straight and also the suspension was too loose, so the platter would wobble a lot while turning on and during general handling of the deck. This was a major Improvement with tighter sound and more accurate rotation. Other stuff tried: replacing Oil in bearing, new bearing ball (old one had markings from wear), new belt, replaced feet with metal cones. Im sure these are the right things to do, but i cant Say how much difference it has made... I also damped the chassis with adhesive materiel used in cars. Seemed to make some difference to the bass. Overall a nice deck with good rhythm and musicality. There seems to still be many in action, but it was not an expensive deck to begin with and I doubt that mine sounds as good as new. However I still recommend it if in decent order and fair price. Sounds Nice with both Grado Gold and Roksan Corus Black (best, more forward sound). Also tried with Ortofon 2m red, which works but can become a bit bright.

10/10 by badwolf4561

I have had my Systemdek IIX from new, for over 30 years now. Bought it when it was originally called Dunlop Systemdek. Came with a Linn Basik Plus tonearm and a Linn Basik MM cartridge. So many good things were said about it at the time, I had to have one. Upgraded the cartridge about 3 months later to a Linn Trak MC cartridge, this made such an improvement to the sound. Couple of years later, due to wear & tear, I then swapped out the Linn Trak for an Audio technica AT-F5 MC cartridge. This baby gave the sound a bit more energy to the music. And this is how the setup stayed for the next 25 (or so) years, rarely played vinyl so never got around to changing cartridge or have the state of the deck checked out.

So, finally, after so many years, I set myself a goal. Service the TT and change the cartridge OR replace with one of today's offerings. I took the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison with a Pro-ject 2-Xperience TT with an Ortofon Rondo Red MC cartridge (approx £1200 value). Although the Pro-Ject gave better definition with the instruments, the Systemdek won the battle. The Systemdek just sounded more enthusiastic, more open, greater timing and a wider soundstage (and this is BEFORE I had the Systemdek serviced).

My Systemdek & tonearm have now been serviced, the AT-F5 cartridge replaced with a Dynavector DV20x2 High Output MC cartridge. I now have a 30+ year old TT that still retains its original characteristics but with better instrument definition as well.

Here is to another 30+ years of service.

5/10 by pzygtpeter

had mine since 1980 could use a new dustcover

9/10 by absinthe_boy

I've owned a IIx900 since new in 1991 (at the time of writing nearly 24 years). I opted for a Rega RB250 arm and Goldring G1022GX cart. I have replaced the stylus a few times since then and fortunately the replacement is still available as of 2015.

I love this turntable. It's well isolated so there's little feedback. The table has never missed a beat in it's 24 years of service, and I find the sound to be fast, energetic, natural and lacking in any noticable distortion. It loves rock guitar but also handles jazz and classical well. I can't see myself parting with it unless it dies!

9/10 by drew266

I've been enjoying my IIX for over 16 years, bought second hand from an old school friend. Everything is original, it came with the Systemdek Profile tonearm, no external PSU so it's the old lift off the platter and move the belt on the pulley jobby for speed change. My only upgrade was changing the entry level Audio Technica cartridge (the name of the model escapes me!) to first a Goldring 1006 cartridge, then more recently an Audio Technica AT440MLA. Now and again I've considered other upgrades, but to be honest I love this deck as it is.Highly recommended, still quite a few knocking about out there, a veritable hi-fi classic!

9/10 by Tonybro

Bought it in 2000 and it was second hand and well used then. It came with a Goldring 1000 series cartridge and a 1022GX stylus. The off-board power switch had lost it's bulb but everything worked just fine. This served me for the next 14 years as a main turntable but has been moved to the lounge (less listening there) and a Linn Axis has taken it's place in the main music system.

Now it is my secondary TT it will get some attention and care. The arm is in good condition and I've put an Ortofon cartridge on (fairly cheap) for now as the Goldring has gone onto the Axis. Once I have it sorted, I might invest in new motor and cartridge.

Solid turntable and takes a real hammering well. Sound is excellent too. Naturally the arm and cart combo is important but the basic chassis has to be there in the first place and the Systemdek has a solid base and the suspended chassis works well.


7/10 by christere

Very good and nice turntable.
Had it with a Luxman TA-1 tonearm (Micro-Seiki?).
A very good sounding combination.

9/10 by jolen1aub

Nice deck for the money. Fully restored with AN acrylic platter, LP12 motor; Jelco SA-370H; Cardas IC; Benz Micro Gold; Mose/Valhalla PS..... Keeps me smiling every listen....worth every penny...a definite keeper...

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