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Systemdek IIS Reviews

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Systemdek IIS

Systemdek IIS

10/10 by jaztech

I bought one brand new in 1982. Came with AT1100 tonearm and AT30E MC. It was recommended by a HiFi dealer (I was in London), certainly sounded better than the Rega Planar! Few years down the line the tonearm is now Rega's excellent RB300 with AT95E.. for serious listening this is the table I would use. It was affordable back then when I was a student. Changed the belt recently, and I hope it will still spin and give me the enjoyment for years to come. I won't part with it, ever.

9/10 by Brimbo

The Mazak Platter is fantastic a really beautiful TT, Sound is tight and the accuracy excellent

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