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Systemdek III Reviews

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Systemdek III

Systemdek III


Used to sell em and managed to get one cheap from rep . Fitted with PU3 and Glanz mfg 61 cart I preferred it to the ubiquitous LP12 by a fair bit more presence , soul and timing . Only one I liked more was the DAIS n Oracle .

10/10 by acroatis

Still using my Systemdek III with the excellent value Mayware Unipivot tone arm but sadly had to replace my Mayware MC cartridge. Have been very pleasantly surprised by the Ortofon Blue cartridge which has also proven to be excellent value and the three make for a wonderful combination for playing vynil...

10/10 by p6dave

I've just got my Systemdek III going again after a lapse of 21 years. I'm using a Syrinx PU2 arm and an Ortophon Quartet Red cartridge. I've treated myself to an Icon Audio valve amp and I'mvery pleased with the results.

10/10 by addicted2tt

Formidable turntable. Dynamics, sound staging, detail, transparency are all top notch. More natural sounding tonality wise than my previous LP12/ITTOK. Very hard to fault in any area that I can think of.

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