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Synq X-TRM 1 Reviews

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Synq X-TRM 1

Synq X-TRM 1

10/10 by _ITX_

Being one of the countless so-called OEM DJ Turntables of the early 2000s, this thing was definitely not a novelty or a revolution by any means. Still, there's something about the design and the build quality that sets it apart from the rest. Once boldly claiming to outperform a Technics 12xx with ease, the High Torque motor is capable of pitch ranges up to +/-50%, and offers a quartz-lock to eliminate wow and flutter almost completely. The start and stop momentum can be set to a whopping 0.2 seconds, which is actually quite impressing. On top of it all, given the right cartridge the Synq X-Trm 1 can even play grammophone shellacs! The fact that it also sports reverse play and comes with a built-in pre-amp, is almost negligible given the sheer endless range of features this turntable offers for a very low price. I've had the X-Trm 1 for years, sold it in 2010 but really felt like something was missing in my range of hifi equipment. Hence, after 9 long years, I went on Amazon and bought it again. There's just something really mesmerizing about this grey heavyweight...

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