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Strathearn SMA2 Reviews

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Strathearn SMA2

Strathearn SMA2

9/10 by 1505

Just unboxed a Brand New SM 2000 direct drive turntable. I recently purchased this turntable from a old hoarder audio file. Turntable had never been operated once. After installing a new EP HI-Fi cartridge, applying power to the unit it came alive! I mean really came alive! The bass was Incredible! At 1/4 volume my E715 Cerwin Vega's started to Rumble the Windows, with Zero feedback to the turntable. At roughly 1/2 Volume on my Newly Reconditioned Yamaha AX 700U Natural Sound Amplifier was Vibrating the Floors!!! Incredibile, Absolutely Astonishing!! This Turntable outperforms Any turntable I have ever owned, and I have had the fortune to have had some of the best direct drive turntables made. There are No issues with Drag, Skips, feedback, absolutely no issues whatsoever! Once you lock the speed by use of the fine tune LED's it does not require further adjustment. This is one of the finest Direct Drive Turntables ever made in my opinion and so far everyone that has heard it is Astonished!!! I will put this TURNTABLE up against any modern Direct Drive turntable today and can garentee it performs as well if not better than anything you want to compare it to. Absolutely Astonished at the Pricision, Sound and quality build of this unit!

5/10 by zeaphod

Not completely without substance, but compared to modern HiFi turntables, not a great performer. I have owned one since the mid 80's, having worked with one of the old employees. He helped himself to a few part units when the factory closed, and I managed to build one working unit out of two broken ones. They do look remarkable though, particularly in the dark. Very much a product of it's time. I believe the direct drive motor was quite ground breaking at the time, although it ended up in kiddies record players - it's pretty much unbreakable. I suppose it says something that my near 40 year old model still keeps perfect pitch.

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