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Sony TTS-3000 Reviews

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Sony TTS-3000

Sony TTS-3000

8/10 by NewportJazz

I use this tt with a Linn Basic Plus tonearm and a Soundsmith Ottelo cartridge mounted to a 100lb plinth made from American Hickory dampened with multiple layers of Isodamp on wooden spikes made from Osage orange wood on Quilted Maple blocks and Isodamp.

Beautiful combination.

Newport Jazz

8/10 by Gertvwee

I use the TTS-3000 turntable with a SME 3009 SII mounted. The cartridge is an Empire MC1000 VdH.
very accurate reproduction. The ''quiet'' grooves do sound very quiet. This means the turntable is very well damping the motor vibrations. It is a quick starter which is belt driven.

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