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Sony PS-X7 Reviews

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Sony PS-X7

Sony PS-X7

10/10 by Garnetnw

I bought mine on eBay around about 5 years ago. I purchased a brand new Denon moving coil DL103 cartridge and use it with a Project phono amp. I have had a Technics SL1210, heard Linn Sondeck, and some other high end turntables besides. To me nothing beats this setup, the Linn may have been a tad smother, the Technics may have had a little more base but the Sony conveys music and emotion in the most engaging way. Stability is rock solid and piano and vocal pieces shine when played on this machine. Even worn or scratched records sound cleaner and fresher. I imagine the PSX9 must be stunning but if you don't want to pay high four figure prices and can find one of these beauties, buy it without hesitation.

9/10 by Poptato666

I have used various parts from three of these decks to make one working example and can only say that it was all worth the effort! I actually prefer this to my Thorens TD160B with SME 3009 mk2 and am currently listening to an ADC XLM mk iii with Jico stylus mounted on an ADC LMG1 headshell - sounds gorgeous!

9/10 by gpdavis2

Gave it a 9/10 as nothing is perfect. Purchased new in 1977 and used until 1995 when it went to a friend who still uses. Only reason I gave it a 9 is that the auto-function plastic cam finally wore out and made it into a manual TT. If I had been smart enough to clean and re-lube the mechanism every ten years it would probably still be fine. Purchased with a Shure V15 Type III and upgraded to a V15VxMR. Wore out a couple of styli on both. When tested by Hirsch-Houck labs, was the quietest TT they had reviewed. Especially liked the carbon fiber TA.

9/10 by duncfair41

Bought ps x7 in mint condition with ss5500 carbocon speakers and cassette deck all for £100 hardly been used turntable is fantastic even sold my new Roksan as PS X7 sound better with Denon 103 on .My best buy by far!

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