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Sony PS-X65 Reviews

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Sony PS-X65

Sony PS-X65

9/10 by shaunballinger

What a pleasant surprise this deck is...more than a match for a systemdek transcription with good mission tonearm. The deck is fully automated and has rock steady pitch and sound. The standard Sony arm is high quality and mass can be reduced with a third party head adc magnesium. The best bit is the looks and sound quality...with this deck you can have your cake and eat it...high end looks with high end sound wonder prices are on the rise.

7/10 by gadgetfreak66

Agree with the above, EXCEPT definitely not reliable, at least not the one I had. It had trouble with the electronic arm movement. It is a electro-dynamic design much as top JVCs and Mid range Denons from the 80s. However the ps-x65 only has horisontal electro dynamic control. I never was able to solve the problems my table hade despite trying several times and even turned one in to a shop which also failed to fix if it. My JVC QL-Y66 also started to have arm movement problems but I was able to fix that one. The JVC has both horisontal and vertical electronic control of the arm and it's a fantastic table and a stunner too.

9/10 by 762ROB

Beautiful build quality I have had it for 9 years and never any trouble, it silences the cartridge on initial drop to lead in grooves,which is a nice touch. Solid and substantial in every way.
Nagaoka MF 200 cartridge installed, Pioneer SX 1250 receiver and Klipsch KSF 10.5 speakers. Same as the PSX-75 except for the troublesome biotracer arm. Trouble free and reliable these 9 years...

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