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Sony PS-X600 Reviews

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Sony PS-X600

Sony PS-X600

10/10 by drfit2000

Purchased new with an Astatic 100 Moving Flux cartridge, I put it away for 30 years as we somehow thought digital would replace records (sorry, Vinyl). We've come to our senses and now totally appreciate what a magnificent piece of engineering this TT is. Despite lingering in the basement all those years it works flawlessly. That Astatic MF100 is one fine cartridge and played through a Musical Fidelity phono preamp has us in sound heaven.

5/10 by tbeardmore

I have owned several turntables over the decades, but the X600 remains in my stable as a favorite. Whenever I want to digitize tracks from LPs that will never see a CD release, this is my go-to turntable plus my digitizing converter.

9/10 by V4Vinyl

Have owned this turntable for a while now and can honestly say that it has a really neutral unfettered sound. Having used it with basic AT95E, Ortofon, and Sony's own XL88 MC. The improvement in cartridge really makes this turntable shine. A good quality MC cartridge opens up the stereo separation with fantastic musical results. It performs faultlessly everytime, is a doddle to set up and is a real thoroughbred in workhose clothes. A lot of money would need to be spent to make any real SQ improvements imo. Because its so reliable, easy to use it probably goes un-noticed and under-used as I have 3 other turntables.

10/10 by discoeengineer

This turntable is an intricate engineering marvel. There is no need to go out and spend thousands on a TT, when you can find this for under 500 dollars.

9/10 by soimmvt

Very very nice TT. IMO looks a bit cheap on the outside. Easy to set up. If you want to make certain that the cartridge is correctly installed, you use the aligment gauge on the otherside of the rubber mat. The sound is great, good soundstage and makes my AT150SA sing. I like the full automatic features, It's easy to handle en very user friendly. The sony is quiet as a mouse during the operation. IAW Great TT!!!!

10/10 by PilotSkier

I have owned my PS-X600 since the year it was introduced. It has performed flawlessly during all of these years. I currently have an AT OC9/II installed. Tracking and sound stage are excellent!

9/10 by ktm2015

I have been using this turntable since I bought it back in the 80's. It has been flawless and does well in damping external vibrations. The feet are gel filled and have not shown any signs of leakage. The tracking force/anti-skate knob is very accurate (measured on ortofon cartridge beam balance). After all these years I appreciate the beltless design.

9/10 by goodguy309

I ran this TT with a Shure V15vxmr and it loved it. I was very happy with the rather simple setup and the TT never faulted in the five years I ran it as my main turntable. I recently bought a Thorens TD126 with the same cartridge and there was an improvement.

However, If needed, I would be glad to go back to my X600!

9/10 by Lasminit2

This is the Biotracer that worked! Simpler than previous designs, the 600 got it right, and they are remarkably sturdy. The arm likes a wide range of cartridges (Denon DL-160 and 110 as well as Ortofons, an AT 440MLa and a Shure M97xe have ALL worked beautifully). The PS-X600 is a real gem.

7/10 by astroboy_45

Certainly, excellent! It has the charm of a classic turntable electronica and operationally but is an achievement for its time!

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