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Sony PS-X6 Reviews

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Sony PS-X6

Sony PS-X6

10/10 by rustie58

I have owned my Sony PS-X6 since November 1977 and still love it. What a workhorse this turntable has been for me over the years and still performs like it did the day I bought it. I have a couple or cartridges a Shure V-15 type III and a Pickering XV15-625E both work very well with this turntable.

10/10 by Lord_Nikkon

Great turntable. I just bought and made full maintenance. It's great device. Engine is linear motor and it's wisper silent only one thing you will hear - brake on the end of record. Tonearm is very solid. I have Pickering XV-15 on it and sounds amazing. Generally i love design of this device. It's simple but it looks (IMHO) still better than modern. plastic toys. Generally whole series of PS-X are great. I have PS-X4 and X3 (broken AC/DC) but X6 is worth every money.

8/10 by Smoke Screen

A realy good turntable. Very good drive system
good arm and solid chassis. Good feet.
Arm is medium mass with its original shell (~
Its not a eyecatcher,but more a understatement
design that delivers soundwise and is not picky
regarding what cart is used with it.

7/10 by Pythonman

I'm scoring this table as high as I think an auto-return table should go as I think the extra components involved with the auto operation are a nuisance and offer nothing to the sound quality of the table. That being said, the platter and motor are exceptionally high quality offering a solid and steady reference for the making of very hi-endy record playback. The tonearm works superbly with high compliance MM cartridges such as the Shure M91ED I'm using with it now. Not sure what to expect with lower compliance MC cartridges yet but the arm seems a bit on the light side and maybe the bearings could be tighter but nevertheless, it too is a capable performer and mates well with the rest of the PS-X6. Overall this turntable (and it's fancier PS-X7 stablemate)sounds very impressive, images nicely, 3D like palpability of instruments and vocalists, and a wonderful sense of depth and space all around the performers. It kills the Technics SL1200MkII I had, embarrases the Rega Planar 2/DL160 combo which is my long time reference, and generally lays waste to any Thorens or Denon TT I ever owned or heard. If only Sony could resurrect this turntable line as manual only version, and just ever so slightly beef up the tonearm and bearing quality I'd be giving it a solid 9.5 rating and buy two of them!

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