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Sony PS-X555ES Reviews

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Sony PS-X555ES

Sony PS-X555ES

9/10 by jdhorn1

Picked one up for a song a few months back and refurbed it. Although not as heavily built as some earlier linear trackers, it beats them in the sonic performance. Probably due to the Biotracer arm. Rock solid speed & spacious sound stage.If you can get one, do it.

8/10 by Studioremi

Very useful and an effective drive system...complex but very practical and the sound is very good. You can ajust the tracking force during listening session for better result.

10/10 by mvdt

I do own this turntable since 1984, it never let me down and I just upgraded the table with an Audio Technica AT-OC9 MKIII (from an Dynavector Ultimo 20B) and I am very surprised of the quality it reaches. So this is a very reliable turntable, easy going with every cartridge (because of tonearm control) and capable of reaching a very high reproduction level.

10/10 by triumphrider74

Absolutely unique. The drive on this table is exceptional. The adjustments to stylus pressure and balance and the arm lift feature are priceless. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

10/10 by coriolan

superb understatement. Imo one if the best tangentials; definately at its price unbeatable! Therefore, 10/10

9/10 by fscl

A stealth stellar direct drive performer with active Biotracer linear tonearm, was never acknowledged due to the advent of Sony / Phillips CD's and CD players.

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