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Sony PS-X5 Reviews

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Sony PS-X5

Sony PS-X5

9/10 by JJCalvillo

Just got this table up and running, and love it to the degree it's replaced a Phillips GA 212 Electronic, known as the poor man's Thorens, as my main table. Though the 212 has a suspended sub-chassis, it would skip if I stepped on the wrong spot when moving near it. The Sony is a rock, because of a heavy compound base and gel-filled, adjustable feet that isolate the arm.

It also allows you to choose between full auto, and semi-auto with arm return and platter stop at the end of the record. Speed is quartz locked and rock solid. Most importantly, it beat the champ sonically.

It's had the electrolytic caps replaced, damping fluid added, and the a part repaired that moves the arm to change record size. IMO the only flaw was having to remove the arm to add the damping fluid. Otherwise, my new favorite table.

10/10 by GWIZZ1950

Well designed and ruggedly built table. Impressive and quality made tonearm. Quartz lock PPL platter speed control. I have owned one of these for over twenty years and it is still absolutely superb. Even by todays standards, a fine table.

8/10 by vexorgtr

This deck is built very heavy duty. Construction is solid and smooth, everything is made with very good precision. Mine came to me used, but I got it all tuned up and fixed up. It works great, and sounds great. Direct drive has great torque, constant speed, and low noise.

8/10 by Nontupers

Excellent table.

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