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Sony PS-X3 Reviews

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Sony PS-X3

Sony PS-X3

10/10 by HarryV

This review is largely the same as for the PS X4 model as they are very similar.
Superb build quality timeless styling that will never look out of place.
Some people disregard Sony as a turntable manufacturer but the ‘PS X’ series are as good as any of the ‘go to’ vintage offerings such as Thorens, Lenco, Technics etc. to my mind, and I have tried many in my time. You only have to see and touch one of these up and you are immediately aware of the quality. It weighs in at about 10Kg !
Features include gel filled adjustable feet, Quartz Lock with strobe, Excellent tonearm and headshell, Fantastic torque and silent operation.
This model is fully manual whereas the X4 is semi-automatic, also the X3 tonearm is slightly superior with VTA adjustment.
If you see one of these at a reasonable price snap it up, you will not be disappointed. Again 5 stars in its class.

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