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Sony PS-T22 Reviews

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Sony PS-T22

Sony PS-T22

9/10 by richard_iwanicki

It's a nice turntable. I rescued mine from a skip and could not believe it all works. Looks good (once I'd cleaned it up). Isolation from vibration is not quite up to scratch (ie if I tap on the table it sits on, the sound is transferred) - but there's an easy solution to that one. Stop tapping or cut some foam. The cartridge on mine is a XL15A and it's really very good.

9/10 by stratman2018

I got this TT a while back at a thrift shop for $6. It is missing the 45 RPM adaptor, the hinges and also the counterweight. I got curious about how to balance the tonearm and so discovered that I could try some washers from the hardware store. So far, so good! I worked as a DJ in the late 80s/early 90s at a couple radio stations and got exposed to some nice turntables. This little Sony is not quite as nice as those Technics models were, but I am happy with the performance at considering the sound quality and how little money and time I have spent on the Sony.

5/10 by saberlilo

8/10 by Thumpin_Turtle

May not be as desirable as some out on the market but try finding a newly produced turntable with the specs, low mass tonearm and sound stability these underrated Sony units provide. I am loving mine still a year after purchase and it has become a much used part of my turntable collection. Only downside is it's lack of replacement parts unlike my Technics tables.

10/10 by Vinyl-Spinner

This is a very nice turntable. I bought it used with a Stanton 500 cartridge installed, and I am very impressed with it's performance.

9/10 by lalomarantz

Great turntable, very quiet rotation, fast speed up, low mass arm, virtually any 1/2 inch estándar cartridge can be installed.

8/10 by jola_sipoo

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