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Sony PS-T1 Reviews

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Sony PS-T1

9/10 by eleom

I bought mine in 1978 and it's still going strong. [Although the catch on the tone arm rest has broken and the dust cover won't stand open on it's own anymore (perhaps a broken spring in the hinge).]

10/10 by victorysonics

for the price you can get those today there is no better TTs available. steady speed and flawless semi auto.

8/10 by chico-surfs

A classic direct drive semi automatic (the first direct drive priced for the masses) ... took a star off because pitch adjustment is inside dust cover and plastic tone arm rest is extremely fragile (luckily mine has not broken) ... It's my daily turntable in my office (the nicer turntables stay at home) and with a Shure M55e it sounds great. If you can find one in good shape, it's a great TT.


A 40 some odd year old tt gose well with my 40 year old sony str-7045 recever. I was told to keep it by a sterio shop instead of buying new. I like the ps-t1. But hey im 63.

8/10 by jfpic

Very good turntable,

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