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Sony PS-LX2 Reviews

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Sony PS-LX2

Sony PS-LX2

9/10 by fscl

Solid basic entry level turntable for its time, will beat any current entry level turntable. Mate the ULM tonearm with a high compliance cartridge and she will sing. Quartz locking speed control results in highly accurate playback. No fuss end of side shut off make vinyl playback extremely easy.

9/10 by eL-gg

Exellent for it's price, never missed a beat.

9/10 by jsoarespinto

Still working after 35 years. Nice turntable for the price.

7/10 by gguillot

Great entry level turntable. I have owned one since I bought it new in 1981 - it has operated reliably over the years, even when stored for extended amounts of time. Easy adjustment for anti-skating. Convenient semi-automatic turntable.

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