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Sony PS-HX500 Reviews

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Sony PS-HX500

Sony PS-HX500

9/10 by nicoladinisio

This turntable comes with a cheap conical MM cartridge, a good tonearm and mechanics, a very good built-in phono MM pre-phono stage and a very good A/D converter, capable of DSD (64 and 128) and PCM (up to 24/192) encoding.
I have replaced the OEM cartridge with an Ortofon 2M Blue and this made quite an improvement, but also showed that the OEM cartridge was not rubbish at all. it was less defined and open, but still good enough for most ears and with very good tracking capabilities.

The Ortofon 2M Blue was set up with the aid of an ortofon protractor and test record. Tracking weight 1.8g and anti-skating 3g.
On my system the difference between the record and PCM 24/192 obtained from this turntable are not discernible. This represents the cheapest way to digitalise your records without compromises.

The turntable is completely manual, so it cannot be left running unattended while ripping your records, or at least make sure to set a timer and show up before the end of the record.

The actual speed at 33 rpm was 33.95 (+1.83%), while the measured W&F was 0.13%, a much better value than the one declared by Sony (measured with the Android app RPM Speed and Wow)

The only downfall of this turntable is the rumble (feedback) that grows up when cranking up the volume above 95 dB SPL (in my room and setup). This is quite a high volume, mind you, but if you plan to go in the 100 dB range, you need to have this turntable sitting on an isolating surface, like for instance a styrofoam sheet of at least 2 or 3 cm height. I have found one of 6 cm from the packaging of my speakers and it works wonderfully for the purpose of stopping feedback to this turntable.
Another small problem is that the tonearm can hardly accomodate big cartridges like the Ortofon 2M Blue. I did it in the end, but it could be a tad larger...

I paid 329€ for this turntable and 186€ for the Ortofon 2M Blue. The couple represent a terrific package for the money.

For reference my system is as follows
Integrated amp: Cambridge CXA80
Speakers: Indiana Line Diva 262 + Sub Basso 942LM
QED Profile cables for signal.
QED Reference cables for the speakers.

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